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Locating Your Marine's Address
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For the latest unit addresses and information about sending mail to deployed Marines you should contact the Main Post Office at the installation where the Marine was assigned before deploying. Letters and packages sent to Marines at their stateside Marine Corps Postal addresses will be forwarded to deployed Marines with a minimum delay. Please see the list of phone numbers for base postal facilities below.

You may also use The Care Package Project interface to locate your Marine's mailing address. The interface lists all CURRENT overseas mailing addresses in Iraq and Afghanistan. For more information, see the form to add your Marine to the Care Package Project located at www.MarineParentsInc.com and use the drop-down box under the section for "Your MARINE's Overseas Shipping Address".

Obtaining Generic Marine Addresses
I've gotten lots of requests from folks asking for a Marine's address so they can send care packages to show support. In post 9/11 days, the military has asked family and friends to safeguard overseas addresses and not give them out. However, you can help support the troops and send care packages overseas using The Care Package Project offered by MarineParents.com. For more informatin, see www.MarineParentsInc.com.

Main Post Office for:

  • Arizona:
    MCAS Yuma, AZ, (928) 269-2162/3119

  • California:
    MCLB Barstow, CA, (760) 577-6155/6554/6297
    MCRD San Diego, CA, (619) 524-5775/8147
    MAGTFTC 29 Palms, CA, (760) 830-7399/6640
    Camp Pendleton, CA (760) 763-3401/5769/1230/1196
    MCAS Miramar, CA, (858) 577-4777/6282

  • Georgia:
    MCLB Albany, GA, (229) 639-5219

  • Hawaii:
    MCB Camp Smith, HI, (808) 477-5080/5085

  • North Carolina:
    MCAS New River, NC, (910) 450-6501
    Camp Lejeune, NC, (910) 451-2789/2204/5134
    MCAS Cherry Point, NC, (252) 466-4242/2069

  • South Carolina:
    MCRD Parris Island, SC, (843) 228-2906/2482
    MCAS Beaufort, SC, (843) 228-7220

  • Virginia:
    MCCDC Quantico, VA, (703) 784-2822/2100

  • Japan:
    MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, 011-81-6117-53-6217/6322
    MCB Camp Butler, Japan 011-81-611-747-2468/5010


If you need an address, call the USMC Marine Locator address. You must have identifying information about your Marine to get the address. Call Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 4:00 Pacific Standard Time. This number is NOT region-specific. They can help you for ANY active duty Marine including reserves that have been called to active duty.     Thank you Brenda!


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