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Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 Marine Corps Archives
This section updated Thursday, July 5, 2007 ~ 17:03 CST
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Early 2003 Iraq Deployment News
We've got lots of headline news on this page. There are specific articles as well as links to official DoD, USMC, and Military news releases. This is a difficult page to keep organized per the constant additions. I'm trying to clean it up now...

Lessons Learned From USMC Warriors in Iraq
NEW March 3: www.newstrove.com: Searches several newspapers
NEW Feb. 27! Camp Coyote News from North County CA newspaper
NEW Posts Feb 18! St. Louis Today, Postcards From Kuwait w/ photo & audio!
NEW! PilotOnline reports FROM the ships and SHIP FINDER!
Official Military and
Government News Sources

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  • Navy News
  • Defend America
    OFFICIAL US Department of Defense News About the War on Terrorism
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  • Feb 3rd Official USMC Web Site: Marine Corps' top leadership visits CentComs AOR
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    Select Headline News From
    Specific News Groups

    This section includes headline news regarding Marines deployed to Kuwait from Lejeune, 29 Palms and Camp Pendleton as well as the USS Kitty Hawk. Also included are articles from Marines deployed to Djibouti, Africa. The articles include specific information on Kuwait Desert Camps, Camp Ripper, Camp Coyote, Living Support Area 7 (LSA 7), Camp Arifjan, Camp New York, Camp Doha, Camp 93 and others. Marine units include Third Battalion Fourth Marines (3/4), 7th Marines Regiment, Weapons, 3/11, and more. Most include some photos.
  • Stars & Stripes
  • Washington Post
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • CNN
  • Military.com
  • NBC San Diego
  • Wilmington Star
  • Jacksonville Daily News
  • North County Times (CA)
  • Marine Corps Times
  • * * * * * MORE Marine Deployment News * * * * *

    • Adrenaline's pumping and the troops are loaded for bear
      Camp Shoup, Kuwait -- This desert outpost named for a Marine Corps Medal of Honor winner will soon be empty. Adrenaline is pumping. Trucks are packed. The troops are loaded for bear.

    • Sentinel Front Lines News Stories
      Reporting from Kuwait with the Marine 6th Transportation Service Battalion

    • No complaints as Marines settle in
      Camp Betio, Kuwait -- Two months ago Cpl. Bryan Chevrie was working as an electrician in South Bend. He was trying to stay warm while preparing for another semester of school at Ivy Tech.
      South Bend Tribune ~ March 13, 2003

    • In the Back of `Tracks'
      Fox 2/5 Company Gets Used to Their NewTransport: For the Marines of Fox 2/5 company, training with their new tank-borne comrades in the Kuwaiti desert, the first few minutes on board the AAVs felt like a carnival ride.

    • U.S. Marines: Again Into the Breach
      KUWAIT - Wed. March 12: When President George W. Bush picks up the phone or turns to his military aide and gives the nod for war, the cruise missiles will roar, but the first sound of the ground offensive against Saddam will most likely be an eager Marine Corps corporal firing up his light armored vehicle.

    • M-TV Story 1 | M-TV Story 2
      CAMP RIPPER, Kuwait - March 10, 2003
      Thank you Lauren, Marine Sister of Derrick from Columbia, MO

    • Kuwait's Camp Coyote is tip of spear in U.S. arsenal
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait - Friday, Feb 7, 2003: Just a little more than a week ago, this was nothing more than hundreds upon hundreds of square miles of barren sand and gravel separating the Iraqi border and Kuwait's Highway 80, the infamous "Highway of Death" down which Saddam Hussein's defeated army made its disastrous retreat during Desert Storm.

    • The battle-seasoned share war wisdom
      CAMP SHOUP, Kuwait -- February 28, 2003: Herb Callahan was a young Marine, commanding an artillery team as it pounded rounds into Iraqi troops. Matthew Gorell was a 4th grader in Stevens Point, Wis., counting the days until the start of Little League season.

    • Thousands of Marines arrive in Kuwait
      Kuwait, February 25, 2003 - SMH.com: The 1st Infantry Regiment will join the 5th and the 7th regiments. Roughly 6000 US Marines, who had been sailing for 36 straight days, have arrived in Kuwait, bringing the Marine force there to nearly full strength as the US military prepares for a possible attack on Iraq.

    • Dust Storms Blow Through Kuwait Camps
      CAMP NEW YORK, Kuwait, March 4, 2003, Army News Service - Soldiers found themselves cleaning their gear after the third dust storm in as many weeks left a coat of sand covering the camps in northern Kuwait Feb. 25.

    • Marines in Kuwait to Deal With Civilians (AP)
      IN THE KUWAITI DESERT (AP) -- Pacing up and down, Maj. Mark Stainbrook fires questions at some 50 Marines sitting in rows under a billowing tent in a wind-swept desert camp.

    • New 2/28 New News Resource
      Camp Coyote, Kuwait -- John Koopman, Chronicle staff writer, is traveling in Kuwait with the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines.

    • As U.S. gears for war with Iraq, Marines prepare to deal with civilians on the road to Baghdad
      PST IN THE KUWAITI DESERT (AP) -- Pacing up and down, Maj. Mark Stainbrook fires questions at some 50 Marines sitting in rows under a billowing tent in a wind-swept desert camp.

    • As war looms, U.S. Marines fear apricots, not enemy
      (03-03) 07:23 PST (AP) -- Living Support Area 7, Kuwait -- Don't eat Charms hard candies. Don't look through a sniper's scope. And whatever you do, don't mention apricots near a tank.

    • New 2/28 Wilmington Star
      CAMP FOX, KUWAIT - Task Force Tarawa, from Camp Lejeune.

    • New 2/28 Jacksonville

    • Feb 20, 2003 in the Herald Son (AP): North Carolina Marines unload equipment in Kuwait
      CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. -- A force of 7,000 Marines from Camp Lejeune has arrived in Kuwait after a long trans-Atlantic trip aboard seven ships. CLICK for story...

    • Feb 20, 2003 in San Diego Union Tribune: Camp Pendleton units battle the elements, carry thoughts of home
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait - Six Marines were clustered around the shallow pit they had dug for an 81 mm mortar. With the dust storms and featureless horizon, they could not see the 20 miles or more to Iraq. CLICK for story...

    • Feb 23, 2003 in Pilot Online: On Edge in the Suez: Along shortcut, Navy ships keep guard
      ISMAILIA, Egypt: The Norfolk-based Bataan begins its transit of the Suez Canal. CLICK for story...

    • Feb 21, 2003 in Wilmington Post: Marines face desert storm
      Camp Fox, Kuwait CLICK for story...

    • Feb 5, 2003 in Denver Post: Kuwaiti sand burnishes Marine resolve
      NORTHERN KUWAIT - The U.S. Marines running Life Support Area 7 (LSA 7) CLICK for story...

    • In Defend American Military News, February 8, 2003: Task Force Practices Live-Fire in Djibouti
      CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti, Africa CLICK for story...

    • On the Viriginia Pilot, February 16, 2003: 7,000 Marines aboard packed warships start heading ashore
      7,000 Marines of Amphibious Task Force East began heading for the shores of Kuwait.
      CLICK for story...

    • Feb 10th No Carolina ABC Affiliate: Camp Lejeune Marines Deployed to Persian Gulf
      Featuring About 7,000 Marines from Camp Lejeune will join U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf (AP)
      CLICK for article...

    • Jan 4th Fox News: Marines Deployed to Persian Gulf
      Featuring Elements of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force based at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
      CLICK for article...

    * * * * * USMC Official News * * * * *

    • 04 Mar 2003: Food on the go!
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait (March 04, 2003) -- "Hot chow, hot chow." Ears perk up and bodies appear like hungry wolves. These aren't wolves though; they're the area guard on Camp Coyote and twice a day they know hot food will enter their stomachs.

    • 28 Feb 2003: 1/4 comes ashore
      Camp Commando, Kuwait (February 28, 2003) -- Living Support Area 1, Kuwait- Marines with 1st Battalion, 4th Marines recently came ashore Monday at Living Area Support 1 in northern Kuwait.

    • 27 Feb 2003: CJTF-HOA personnel construct food storage facility for Djiboutians
      NADAG, Djibouti (Mar. 4, 2003) -- Service members from Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa completed construction of a food storage facility during a four-day civil affairs effort here Feb. 27.

    • 27 Feb 2003: 'Army of one' teams up with 'the few and the proud'
      CAMP IWO JIMA, Kuwait (Feb. 27, 2003) -- A 10-foot-tall sand berm divides the two military services, but small groups of soldiers trickle back and forth around the temporary wall of sand.

    • 26 Feb 2003: IMEF: prepared for chemical attacks
      CAMP COMMANDO, Kuwait (Feb. 26, 2003) -- President George W. Bush recently declared Saddam Hussein has authorized his military field commanders to use chemical weapons in the event American forces take military action to disarm the Iraqi regime. I Marine Expeditionary Force is ready to fend off any such attacks, according to Marine officials.

    • 25 Feb 2003: 15th MEU (S0C) Marines knock off rust, sharpen combat skills
      CAMP BULLRUSH, Kuwait (Feb. 25, 2003) -- Marines from E Company, Battalion Landing Team 2/1, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) dusted the sand from their weapons and conducted a live fire training exercise at Udairi Range to refresh their war-fighting skills Feb. 17 and 18.

    • 25 Feb 2003: Medical goes mobile
      LOGISTICAL SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait (Feb. 25, 2003) -- For the 1st Force Service Support Group's Medical Battalion, saving the lives of Marines is top priority. During Vietnam, Marines were transported and treated rapidly after an injury due to the small and compact battlefield. In comparison, during the Gulf War a spread-out battlefield posed a problem because it took much longer to transport and treat injured Marines due to a swift desert battle.

    • 25 Feb 2003: "This is not a drill"
      CAMP COMMANDO, Kuwait (Feb. 25, 2003) -- The dust began to rise moments after Camp Commando's air raid siren began wailing Feb.10 throughout the sprawling compound that houses the command element of I Marine Expeditionary Force and many of its subordinate elements.

    • 23 Feb 2003: Klash in Kuwait
      CAMP COMMANDO, Kuwait (Feb. 23, 2003) -- With jarring jabs and hurtful haymakers, Marines at Camp Commando, Kuwait came together for a day of hand-to-hand combat in a boxing "smoker" Feb. 23.

    • 23 Feb 2003: 15th MEU (SOC) combat corpsmen uphold proud legacy
      CAMP BULLRUSH, Kuwait (Feb. 23, 2003) -- Ever since the birth of the Corps in 1775, Marines and Sailors have served side-by-side on naval vessels.

    • 23 Feb 2003: 15th MEU (SOC) Marine brings southern hospitality to Kuwait
      CAMP BULLRUSH, Kuwait(Feb. 23, 2003) -- "If you look at the Marines who were in combat during Vietnam and Korea and came out alive, those guys were tough, and that's the Marine I want to be," said Sgt. Ben "Tex" Conner, 26, a Newark, Del. native and a team leader with Trailer Platoon, Battalion Landing Team 2/1, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable).

    • 22 Feb 2003: Fox up and running, 2d FSSG assets ready
      CAMP FOX, Kuwait (Feb. 22, 2003) -- Nestled in a tent city not far from the Iraqi border, Marines and sailors from 2nd Force Service Support Group call the desert plains home as the global war on terrorism continues.

    • 21 Feb 2003: Senators visit Camp Commando
      CAMP COMMANDO, Kuwait (Feb. 21, 2003) -- Four Senators responsible for overseeing America's military dropped in on Marines at Camp Commando Feb. 21.

      CAMP IWO JIMA, Kuwait (February 14, 2003) -- Even in the desert plains of Kuwait, Cupid's arrows still pierce through a battle-hard Marine's flak-jacket-protected heart.

    * * * * * North County Times (California) * * * * *

    • March 9: North County Times (California): Marines build a city to feed, equip troops
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- U.S. military officials are planning a lightning-fast attack with air and land forces to overwhelm any Iraqi defense. CLICK for story...

    • March 8: North County Times (California): Bugs an Iraqi enemy, too
      CAMP IWO JIMA, Kuwait ---- Iraq is full of things that can bite you, sting you and kill you ---- almost as fast as a bullet can. CLICK for story...

    • March 7: North County Times (California): In the field, there's no birthday cake
      CAMP IWO JIMA, Kuwait ---- One Carlsbad grandfather who couldn't join his family to celebrate his birthday Thursday had a solid excuse: He's getting ready to go to war. CLICK for story...

    • March 5: North County Times (California): 120-mile barrier keeps Iraq, Kuwait at arm's length
      KUWAIT -- It's a formidable barrier. It's supposed to be. The demilitarized zone that separates Kuwait and Iraq is all that stands between hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops and Iraq. CLICK for story...

    • March 4: North County Times (California): USS Nimitz, warships leave San Diego
      KUWAIT CITY ---- It's an odd-looking desert shelter: a sandbag-lined pit about 6 feet deep, covered with an earthen and wooden roof. CLICK for story...

    • March 4: North County Times (California): Marines build 'Scud bunkers' - U.S. Embassy repeats warning urging citizens to leave Kuwait
      CORONADO ---- Renae Freeman of Rancho Penasquitos had expected her husband to deploy overseas, but the reality didn't hit her until Monday morning, when the USS Nimitz and two escort ships left home with more than 5,000 sailors on a course for the Persian Gulf, and possibly a key role in U.S. strikes on Iraq. CLICK for story...

    • March 3: North County Times (California): Combat familiar ground a generation later
      CAMP PENDLETON ---- The Marine wore a tan camouflage uniform, printed in a 21st-century digital pattern that his Marine Corps recently adopted for the modern battlefield. One set of dog tags hung from his neck, tucked inside a green T-shirt. Another was laced into one of his brown desert combat boots. CLICK for story...

    • March 2: North County Times (California): Experienced officers provide leadership to young troops
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- As the Marines here brace for a possible war with Iraq, they often use a common refrain: they'll be fighting for the Marine on their left and the Marine on their right. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 28: North County Times (California): Marines support helping Filipinos fight terrorism
      CAMP COYOTE ---- Half a world away in the desert of Kuwait, several Marines cheered the recent decision to send U.S. ground forces to help Filipino troops fight Muslim extremists. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 28: North County Times (California): Marines get a brand-new rifle
      CAMP COYOTE ---- It's a little heavier than its predecessor, but the new M-16 being distributed to Camp Pendleton Marines stationed here in the Kuwaiti desert will allow the troops to pinpoint and hit their targets with greater precision and at greater distances. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 27: North County Times (California): Kuwait Notebook - What a difference a day makes
      Editor's note: North County Times staff writer Darrin Mortenson and staff photographer Hayne Palmour periodically offer their impressions of Kuwait, where they are covering troops from Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 26: North County Times (California): From dusk to dawn: Night rises in the Kuwaiti desert
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- The desert has moods at night. Just ask the Marines who've spent the last three weeks in northern Kuwait, waiting and training for war. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 26: North County Times (California): Protests dishearten some troops overseas
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- Some of the Marines kicked the dirt, turned away or cursed the "damned liberals" on hearing news of global anti-war demonstrations. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 25: North County Times (California): Marines get mail, food and a shower
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- After more than three weeks in the desert wearing the same clothes and eating the same prepackaged meals, the guys from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion got some creature comforts this weekend: a hot meal, mail and even their first shower in the field. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 24: North County Times (California): Services offer break from desert monotony
      LIVING SUPPORT AREA FIVE, Kuwait ---- Several men wept, others sat silent as Navy chaplain Bill Devine, straining to be heard above the din of helicopters and other military machinery, asked God to deliver them from war. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 23: North County Times (California): Life in the Kuwait desert: Dust, wind and sun
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- Marine Staff Sgt. Jeff Hickson and his buddies from Camp Pendleton's 5th Infantry Regiment. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 20: North County Times (California): Chickens arrive to help the Marines
      CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait ---- At the edge of this desolate no-man's land just 25 miles from the Iraqi border, U.S. troops on the front line Wednesday welcomed some unlikely allies: chickens. CLICK for story...

    • Feb. 20: North County Times (California): Reservists pack up to pack out
      CAMP PENDLETON ---- They were activated to full duty in February 2002 for homeland defense and spent the past year training in urban, desert and mountain warfare, sharpening their hand-to-hand combat skills and firing their weapons. CLICK for story...

    * * * * * Stars & Stripes Online * * * * *

    2003 March 10 Kitty Hawk marks 45 days at sea with steel-beach picnic
    Click for article... ABOARD THE USS KITTY HAWK - Instead of aircraft launching off the flight deck Saturday, sailors on the USS Kitty Hawk drove golf balls into the Persian Gulf.
    Features: Aircraft in the background, Seaman Belony Omeus outruns Seaman Recruit David Phillips for a touchdown on the USS Kitty Hawk during a steel-beach picnic as the Yokosuka, Japan-based aircraft carrier is underway in the northern Persian Gulf.

    2003 March 9 Mail troubles keep Persian Gulf troops, loved ones from staying connected
    Click for article... CAMP UDAIRI, Kuwait - The old saying about mail being delivered through rain, sleet and dark of night is conspicuous for the absence of another obstacle: war.
    Features: Camp Udairi and Camp New York

    2003 March 6 Troops split on issue of embedding journalists
    Click for article... CAMP VIRGINIA, Kuwait - Troops in the field are about to get some new comrades. But the newbies will be toting microphones and cameras, not rifles and rocket launchers.
    Features: 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 130th Engineer Brigade, 8th Engineer Support Battalion

    2003 March 5 Mideast notebook: For pilots, it's like old home week at Udairi
    Click for article... CAMP UDAIRI, Kuwait - Around Camp Udairi, the Army helicopter hub in Kuwait, there's a lot of handshaking and backslapping going on. Almost everyone is connected with the extended family of Army aviation.
    Features: Camp Virginia

    2003 March 1 Mideast Notebook: All the finer things - food, films, showers
    Click for article... Kuwait - The most popular movie for troops in Kuwait is "Three Kings," about American soldiers whose quest for stolen gold eventually gets them caught up in the politics of the first Gulf War.
    Features: 147th Maintenance Company

    2003 February 25 Building bridges over troubled times
    Click for article... CAMP PELELIEU, Kuwait - As the Marines work, they bark out orders in a language it seems only they understand.
    Features: Company A, a unit of regulars out of Camp Lejeune, Company B, 8th Engineer Support Battalion

    2003 February 25 Manmade pond in Kuwait helps test boats
    Click for article... CAMP PELELIEU, Kuwait - It could be a mirage: a dozen green and tan Marine boats, V-shaped hulls resting on trailer beds in the middle of the desert.

    2003 February 22 Hanau engineers equiped for missions great, small
    Click for article... CAMP VIRGINIA, Kuwait - After a few weeks of mix-and-match efforts to put together full units, combat engineer battalions based out of Germany are getting all their heavy pieces together.
    Features: 11th Aviation Regiment

    2003 February 20 Tarawa doubles as backup hospital ship
    Click for article... ABOARD THE USS TARAWA - The Navy's first-response medical vessel for Marines in the Persian Gulf just might be one without a giant red cross painted on the hull.
    Features: Typically, this ship operates at the tip of the spear, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

    2003 February 20 Deployment means you can't pack light
    Click for article... ABOARD USS TARAWA - Marine Cpl. Jeffery Knipe looked over the list of gear he had to fit into his pack. Sleeping bag, a chemical suit, two pairs of desert uniforms and spare boots were just a sample of the more than two-dozen items that weigh Marines down.
    Features: 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

    2003 February 19 Marines turn to battle-tested for advice
    Click for article... ABOARD USS TARAWA - Marine Sgt. Erick Jones has spent the last six months thinking about Iraq.
    Features: 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

    2003 February 17 Marines run desert decon drills
    Click for article... CAMP TARAWA, Kuwait - As the echo of live-fire exercises rumbles across the desert, mobile Marine Corps decontamination units are practicing for a job none of them hopes to do.
    Features: 1st FSSG, Command Support Service Battalions 10 and 12, 1st Force Service Support Group, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons decon teams from Camp Pendleton

    2003 February 16 Mideast Notebook: Families wait for news
    Click for article... KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait - I think I understand why the Pentagon decided Operation Desert Storm was a fearsome enough name for a war.

    2003 February 14 Marines of the 15th MEU land in Kuwait
    Click for article... ABOARD THE USS TARAWA - Another weapon in the U.S. military's arsenal offloaded Wednesday in Kuwait.
    Features: 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit

    2003 February 9 USS Kitty Hawk sent to Persian Gulf
    Click for article... YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan

    2003 February 6 Sandstorms curtail Kuwait exercises
    Click for article... UDAIRI RANGE, Kuwait - Fierce, unpredictable sandstorms are beginning to wreak havoc on desert training schedules for U.S. troops.
    Features: 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division, also see photo gallery link to the left

    2003 February 4 Marines in Kuwait expect to move on
    Click for article... LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwaiti desert - Marine Corps tank commander Sgt. Jason Melville knows his new outpost is only a way station. He expects to move to a new neighborhood.
    Features: LSA-7 (7th Marines, features photos of 29 Palms' Marines and 3/4 men)

    * * * * * Washington Post * * * * *

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Wednesday, March 10, 2003 Marine Predicts Brief Bombing, Then Land Assault
    CAMP COMMANDO, Kuwait, March 16 -- The top Marine commander in the region predicted today that war was "just a few days away" and suggested that it would begin with a three- or four-day bombing campaign intended to wipe out half the Iraqi defenders at the border before U.S. and British land forces are sent in. CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Wednesday, March 10, 2003 With Baby Wipes and Spray Paint, Troops Prepare for Desert's Scourge
    CAMP DOHA, Kuwait, March 9 -- Every day new signs of impending war appear. Today brings the disclosure that on Monday all forces poised to attack Iraq will switch to Zulu time, an adjustment often imposed before military operations to keep everyone in sync. CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Wednesday, March 10, 2003 After Invading Kuwait, Reporters Need Boot Camp
    VARIOUS CAMPS IN KUWAIT: (Where the journalists are located.) CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Wednesday, March 8, 2003 Marines Test Their Wits With the What-Ifs of War
    CAMP BOUGAINVILLE, Kuwait -- A military convoy comes across a school and a hospital. Suddenly shots erupt. "You're taking fire from there, lots of fire," narrated Maj. Mark Stainbrook. "You have to get through. Do you return fire?" CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Thursday, March 6, 2003 A High-Tech Pilot Who Keeps His Feet on the Ground
    LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait, March 6 -- Michael Deguzman is not a pilot, but he will have a bird's-eye view of the battlefield if U.S. forces are ordered to invade Iraq. That's because the 21-year-old lance corporal is the only Marine in his battalion with an airplane in his backpack. CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Wednesday, March 5, 2003 To Gulf Troops, Vietnam Is History
    CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait -- An officer addressing a group of Marines in a tent on the wind-swept desert here asked how many had served in the Persian Gulf War. One hand went up. Somalia? No hands. Kosovo? None. CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Sunday March 2, 2003 'A War of Bridges'
    CAMP RIPPER, Kuwait - A month ago, the bustling town dubbed Camp Ripper did not exist here in northern Kuwait. Now it has hot showers, Internet hookups, plywood-floored tents with electricity, hot meal service twice a day and a camp PX with two-hour lines for cigarettes and junk food -- and 8,000 heavily armed residents. CLICK for story...

  • Washington Post Foreign Service ~ Thursday, February 27, 2003 Marines and Reporters Get a Scare
    CAMP RIPPER, Kuwait, Feb. 26 -- "This is not a drill! This is not a drill!" Within seconds, hundreds of Marines milling about Camp Ripper pulled gas masks on. They started running toward their tents. The lengthy PX queue disappeared. The Marines were convinced they were responding to a chemical attack in the Kuwaiti desert south of Iraq. CLICK for story...
    Seabees Get Ready To Pave Trail to Iraq (Washington Post)
    By Jonathan Finer Page A28,   Feb 15, 2003
    CAMP 93, Kuwait -- Sure, she wanted to see the world and serve her country, but Patricia Cabral said she joined the Navy mainly because her father ...
    In Kuwait, a Rehearsal for War (Washington Post)
    Drills Don't Calm Fear Of a Chemical Attack (Washington Post)
    By Peter Baker Page A15,   Feb 12, 2003
    CAMP DOHA, Kuwait -- The siren sounded and a voice came over the loudspeaker just after 2 p.m., a woman's voice, calm and dispassionate. "Exercise. ...
    Kuwait's Landscape of Tents and Tanks (Washington Post)
    By Peter Baker Page A19,   Feb 7, 2003
    CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait, Feb. 6 -- The main Kuwaiti port bustles with ships disgorging containers. The international airport and nearby air base roar ...
    Troops in Kuwait, at the Edge of War (Washington Post)
    By Jonathan Finer Page A17,   Feb 4, 2003
    LSA-7, Kuwait 3/7 Third Battalion, 7th Marines -- As teenagers, Michael Belcher and Anthony M. Henderson walked the same Washington-area streets and played sports for nearby high ...
    Marines in Desert Marshal the Tools of War (Washington Post)
    By Jonathan Finer Page A01,   Jan 29, 2003
    SOUTH OF THE IRAQI BORDER, Kuwait, Jan. 28 -- At a vast desert supply depot with columns of armored vehicles stretching across the horizon, newly ...
    Behind the Scenes, Making All the Difference (Washington Post PM Extra)
    By Jonathan Finer Jan 28, 2003
    SOUTH OF THE IRAQ BORDER, Kuwait, Jan. 28 -- At a vast desert supply depot with columns of armored vehicles stretching across the horizon, newly ...
    Technology Puts U.S. Troops on Higher Ground (Washington Post)
    By Peter Baker and Susan B. Glasser Page A10,   Jan 21, 2003
    CAMP NEW YORK, Kuwait -- If he had been fighting a war here in the desert a few years ago, Maj. Gen. Buford C. Blount III would have been riding ...

    * * * * * St Louis Post Dispatch * * * * *

    2003 March 1 Taking the field in Iraq
    Click for article... Marines from 3rd Battalion, 7th Regiment practice using their weapons while wearing gas masks Friday in Kuwait. Troops are training to fight in Iraq despite the chemical-biological threat.
    Features: KUWAIT Marines, 7th Regiment, 3rd Battalion

    2003 February 23 In the dark on the front lines
    Click for article... In one of the large white tents that house the thousands of U.S. troops in the dust and sand just 22 miles south of Iraq, 50 Marines gathered last week for one of the dozens of U.S. journalists who periodically drop in to report on the goings on at the camp.
    Features: LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait

    2003 February 23 Operation KFC
    Click for article... Here at the U.S. military base closest to the Iraqi border, Marines have received the latest advancement for warning of a biological or chemical attack: Chickens.
    Features: LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait

    2003 February 23 For this mother, war is personal
    Click for article... What happened to that scrawny kid running out the door with his skateboard, never with his jacket on? He refused to listen to his mother about the jacket. How could he be on the other end of this heart-chilling phone call from San Diego, wanting her words now on his way to war?
    Features: Jack shipped out for Kuwait on Feb. 2.

    2003 February 16 The messiness of war
    Click for article... Going through the minds of nearly all of the more than 6,000 Marines stationed in Kuwait is the almost certain prospect of combat, which from their perspective seems a breath away.
    Features: LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait

    2003 February 15 Life on the verge of war
    Click for article... Life at the U.S. military base closest to the Iraqi border ricochets between boredom and tension, anxiety and tedium, hot and cold, drudgery and, in the worst of scenarios, temporary confusion.
    Features: LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait

    2003 February 12 Thousands in Marines hail from abroad
    Click for article... Their names are Addo, Chan, Bermuderzoa, Morontaespnal, Yoeurth, Villegas, Rosales, Gatchalian, Tulmau, Soponmazariegas, Jaruchik and La.
    Features: LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait

    2003 February 8 Preparing for war with Iraq
    Click for article... The Marine commander leading U.S. forces in Kuwait grew up in St. Louis. His troops are expected to lead the charge into Iraq, if ordered to do so.
    Features: CAMP COMMANDO, Kuwait

    2003 February 3 Wary troops rehearse at war's edge
    Click for article... Preparations for battle are intense, with no let-up, until fighting becomes "muscle memory."

    2003 February 3 Marines build a launching pad for war
    Click for article... Troops and equipment are pouring into a staging area in the Kuwaiti desert. A Marine colonel, asked if this was where a ground assault against Iraq could begin, said, "Certainly. Why else would we be here?"
    Features: CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait

    2003 February 3 Chaplain seeks to prepare Marines spiritually for battle
    Click for article... He cites Kurdish children gassed by Saddam as reason for "a just war"
    Features: CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait

    * * * * * Wilmington Star * * * * *

    Camp Fox Marines fight complacency
    Camp Fox, Kuwait - A map of southeastern Iraq tacked onto Col. Robert Songer's bookshelf is a subtle reminder of the mission the 2nd Force Service Support Group is expected to carry out should the United States go to war.
    Date: 02/22/03 | News

    Marines face desert storm
    Camp Fox, Kuwait - Projected by powerful winds, desert sand swept through this camp for hours Thursday - a reminder that it's sandstorm season in the Middle East.
    Date: 02/21/03 | News

    Marines first, a couple second
    CAMP FOX, KUWAIT - Gunnery Sgt. Reesha Hilliard didn't know her husband was deploying to the same area until she saw him walk into the airplane she was waiting to board.
    Date: 02/20/03 | News

    Marines keep skills sharp on patrols
    CAMP FOX, KUWAIT - As the Humvee slowly rumbled along the packed sand road toward a secured area, a Marine hastily flagged down the military police inside the vehicle.
    Date: 02/19/03 | News

    Touches of home part of camp life
    Editor's Note: Trista Talton is on assignment with U.S. Marines in Kuwait.
    Date: 02/18/03 | News

    Kuwait Marine camp starts to take shape
    Editor's Note: Trista Talton is on assignment with U.S. Marines in Kuwait.
    Date: 02/17/03 | News

    Grim welcome greets unit in Kuwait
    CAMP FOX, KUWAIT - The warning that 200 Camp Lejeune-based Marines and sailors received before they stepped off an airplane in Kuwait Friday was simple: The threat against them is high.
    Date: 02/15/03 | News

    * * * * * Jacksonville Daily News * * * * *

    Jacksonville's Desert Dispatches

    Readers pose questions about life in Camp Fox

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Freedom Eastern North Carolina correspondent Peter Williams has just returned from assignment with Camp Lejeune-based troops deployed to the Persian Gulf region. This is his response to some of the questions posed by readers about conditions at Camp Forx and in Kuwait.

    Differences between Kuwait, U.S. go beyond a nightstand

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Freedom Eastern North Carolina correspondent Peter Williams has been on assignment with Camp Lejeune-based troops deployed to the Persian Gulf region.

    Safety saves lives at Camp Fox

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - What is a 25-year-old philosophy major from the University of Virginia doing in the middle of the desert? Capt. Marta Levries is the headquarters and services company commander and camp commandant of Transportation Services Battalion of 2nd Force Services Support Group.

    Just best Marines in Kuwait

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - She's a wife, a mother and a sergeant major in the United States Marine Corps.

    Civilians deploy with Marines

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - They all three used to wear the eagle, globe and anchor. Today, they still wear a camouflage uniform for their desert duties, but instead of "U.S. Marines" on cloth tape over the left pockets of their fatigues, it says "Technician."

    Corporal makes sure the mail goes through

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - During Operation Desert Storm, Tessa Rice wrote letters to her uncle in the Army. Today, she's a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps who helps deliver similar letters to a new generation of warriors at Camp Fox.

    Fog, of all things, rolls in over Camp Fox in Kuwaiti desert

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - The desert showed us a new element today - fog.

    2nd FSSG meets Kuwait challenge

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second of a two-part series of an interview in Kuwait with Brig. Gen. Michael Lehnert, commander of 2nd Force Service Support Group from Camp Lejeune.

    Mobile PX brings a taste of home to Marines

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Freedom Eastern North Carolina correspondent Peter Williams is on assignment with Camp Lejeune-based troops deployed to the Persian Gulf region. He plans to file occasional columns that offer personal insights on life with troops

    Old-hand warrant officer gives camp a good grade

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait — Chief Warrant Officer 4 Steven McAlister didn’t expect to be here.

    Front lines not new experience for TV reporter from Charlotte

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait — The families of Marines and sailors don’t have an exclusive franchise when it comes to worrying about loved ones in a combat zone.

    Marine support moves may be the largest ever

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a two-part series stemming from an interview in Kuwait with Brig. Gen. Michael Lehnert, commander of 2nd Force Service Support Group from Camp Lejeune.

    'Club 32' eliciting smiles from troops missing home

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait — This is a dry country.

    It really does rain in Kuwait

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Freedom Eastern North Carolina correspondent Peter Williams is on assignment with Camp Lejeune-based troops deployed to the Persian Gulf region. He plans to file occasional columns that offer personal insights on life with troops

    Marines try to streamline mail

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune are paying a personal price of being deployed in the Kuwaiti desert, but one thing they don't have to pay for is the price for a stamp. It's free. Outbound letters from this camp of some 4,000 people usually leave with the wo

    British forces share territory with area personnel in Kuwait

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait — Americans are not alone in the desert.

    NBC drills teach life-saving lessons

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Freedom Eastern North Carolina correspondent Peter Williams is on assignment with Camp Lejeune-based troops deployed to the Persian Gulf region. He plans to file occasional columns that offer personal insights on life with troops

    Marines, sailors seek a higher power

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait — As more and more Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune pour into Camp Fox, more and more are seeking help from a higher power.

    Marines surprised by desert camp

    CAMP FOX, Kuwait - When deploying to a remote Kuwaiti desert, troops brace for the worst. Members from the 2nd Force Service Support Group at Camp Lejeune certainly did. But what they found at Camp Fox, their new post near the Iraqi border, impressed even the most senior troopers.

    * * * * * CNN * * * * *

  • CNN News: Special Report: Showdown Iraq
    Featuring Military Deployment Maps
    CLICK for details...

  • On CNN, February 13, 2003: More than 150,000 U.S. troops in place
    The U.S. military buildup Thursday reached more than 150,000 troops within striking distance of Iraq, with more arriving daily to back up President Bush's promise to disarm Saddam Hussein by force if peaceful methods fail.
    CLICK for story...

  • On CNN, January 15, 2003: Marines motivated for duty
    The Pentagon, preparing for possible war in Iraq, is dispatching an array of naval combat power to the Persian Gulf region, including two seven-ship armadas carrying thousands of Marines.
    CLICK for story...

  • On CNN, October 29, 2002: More U.S. Marines head to Djibouti
    Elements of a U.S. Marine division are being sent to the East Africa nation of Djibouti to search for al Qaeda leaders, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.
    CLICK for story...

    * * * * * Military.com * * * * *

  • March 18th in Military.com: Military.com on the Front Lines with Marines
    Military.com correspondent Greg Jarrett is with our armed forces as they prepare for combat in Iraq. Get his first-hand view of war at the front lines, with the men and women who fight it....
    CLICK for article...

  • March 14th in Military.com: RCT-2 Marines Exemplify the Word Marine
    CAMP SHOUP, Kuwait -- Being a Combat Correspondent, I though I knew it all or at least most of it, but joining the Regimental Combat Team-2 at Camp Shoup in Kuwait has been an eye opening experience.
    CLICK for article...

  • March 12th in Military.com: The Dirty Dozen Squared; Marines Make Ammo Supply Point Their Own
    AMMO SUPPLY POINT, Kuwait -- "When I first got here, I thought 'This must be my punishment,' because I'm always the one in my unit getting into trouble," said Lance Cpl. Willie R. Anderson, a field wireman with Task Force Tarawa. The supply point guard and New Orleans, native, continued "in my unit, I'm the one always getting assigned to working parties. Here, I am in charge of 38 Marines in my platoon, and take my job here more seriously."
    CLICK for article...

  • March 10th in Military.com: 'Bees of the Seven Seas' Celebrate 61st Anniversary in Africa
    Submitted by: Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa by Cpl. Paula M. Fitzgerald pic CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti -- The Seabees have built and maintained thousands of airstrips and structures in some of the world's most hostile regions, and upholding the Seabee "can do" tradition are three sailors here in support of Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa.
    CLICK for article...

  • March 5th in Military.com: Marines Train for Possible Chemical Attacks
    CAMP RYAN, Kuwait -- "Gas, gas, gas!" Normally, these words precede a gas mask drill, where Marines practice putting on their masks. For Marines deployed to an area where there is a very real possibility of a chemical or biological attack, Marines and Sailors practice NBC defense tactics on a routine basis.
    CLICK for article...

  • Feb 18th in Military.com: Valentine's Day in the Desert
    CAMP IWO JIMA, Kuwait -- Even in the desert plains of Kuwait, Cupid's arrows still pierces through a battle-hard Marine's flak-jacket-protected heart.
    CLICK for article...

  • Feb 12th in Military.com: Marine Force Lands In Kuwait (AP)
    About 2,000 Marines came ashore in Kuwait on Wednesday in landing crafts that plunged into the ocean from amphibious assault ships -
    CLICK for article...

  • Feb 7th in Military.com: U.S. Forces In Gulf Growing
    The buildup of American land, sea and air forces in the Persian Gulf is accelerating, with two and possibly three more aircraft carriers likely to head for the region in the next few days.
    CLICK for article...

    * * * * * NBC San Diego * * * * *

    Photo by Joseph Giordono / S&S
    Lance Cpl. Jafet Santoyo, of 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, stands watch at a Marine camp in the Kuwaiti desert. Lance Cpl. Nicholas Looney mans a spot atop a Humvee.


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