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I would like to thank the following Marine and Recruit parents, Marine Supporters, and American Citizens for their private donations to help maintain MarineParents.com:

  • The Marine Corps League, Sacramento Detachment, Sacramento, California

  • Nancy Welch, Marine Parent from Texas*
  • On behalf of Scott Smith of California
  • David Jensen and wife, Marine Supporters from California

  • Robert and Pam Parris, Marine Parents from Louisianna
  • Justin Clifford, Marine Supporter from Colorado
  • Andrew Carroll, Author War Letters
  • Sheryl O'Connor, Marine Parent from Massachusetts
  • William O'Connor, Marine Parent from Massachusetts
  • Terrill Roberts, Marine Mom from Texas*
  • Phil & Joyce Scott, Marine Parents from Illinois
  • Brenda Wasowski, Marine Supporter

  • On behalf of City of Lancaster, California Redevelopment Agency
  • On behalf of PFF Bank & Trust Appraisal Department
  • On behalf of Union Bank of California Appraisal Department
  • Maria Alvarez, Marine Parent
  • John and Genevieve Bagley, Marine Parents from New York
  • Nick Bagley, Marine Brother from New York
  • William Baird, Marine Supporter
  • Marcia Beckwith, Marine Supporter from Idaho*
  • Kenneth Chin, Marine Supporter from California
  • Joseph Cimo, Marine Supporter
  • Michael Collins, Marine Supporter from California
  • Custom Computer Solutions
  • Linda Davies, Marine Aunt from Kansas
  • Cindi Earl, Marine Supporter from Tennessee
  • Claudia Fountaine, Marine Supporter from Pennsylvania
  • Christine Funk, Marine Mom from Ohio
  • Greg Green, Marine Parent from Texas*
  • Steven and Avril Harcourt, Marine Supporter from California
  • Paula Huskey, Marine Parent from Washington
  • Mariann Jordan, Marine Parent from Massachusetts*
  • John Lucchino, Marine Supporter from Colorado
  • Charles Martin, Marine Supporter
  • Kelly McCracken, Marine Parent from Michigan*
  • Brian and Susana McHale, Marine Parents from Florida
  • Mary Melick, Marine Parent from Colorado
  • William Murray, Marine Veteran from Georgia
  • Mickie Nicks, Marine Parent from Colorado*
  • Randall Palmer, Marine from Virginia
  • Jack Prioletti Proud Marine Parent and Sandi Brown Proud Marine Friend
  • Sonya Rice, Marine Supporter from California
  • Jerry Rimmer, Marine Father from Tennessee
  • Norma & Martin Rodriguez, Marine Parents from Texas
  • Melne Shepard, Marine Parent from Arizona
  • Brian Starr, Marine Supporter from Washington
  • Jonathon Sylvester, Marine Supporter from Washington
  • Debby Tavener, Marine Mom from Florida*
  • Eric Taylor, Marine Supporter from California
  • Amy Heriot Vulpis, Marine Supporter from Florida
  • Michael and Debby Williams, Marine Supporters from Missouri
  • Davis Yetman, Marine Supporter

  • Lynn, Marine Supporter from Indiana
  • Mary Beth Afflerbach, Marine Supporter from Pennsylvania
  • Maryann and Andrew Becker, Marine Parents from New York
  • John and Susan Bennett, Marine Supporter from New Mexico
  • Kathleen and Jim Blake, Marine Parents
  • Brian Boettcher, Marine Supporter from Maryland
    In memory of my "Old Breed" father, Robert D. Boettcher. Semper Fi!
  • Katherine Brooks, Marine Parent from Arizona
  • Paul Carr, Marine Supporter from Alaska
  • Susan Castor, Marine Parent from Michigan
  • Sharron and Ralph Cook, Marine Supporter from Missouri
  • Kathleen Cooper, Marine Supporter
  • Jannette Corella, Marine Supporter from California
  • Duane and Tami Dean, Marine Parents from Kansas
  • Diane De Paolo, Marine Mom from California*
  • Vicki Edmonds, Marine Mom from Mississippi
  • Vince and Kristy Gilbert, Marine Parents from Texas
  • Stacey Green, Marine Parent from Texas
  • Dennis Harralson, Marine Parent from California
  • Ron and Lynn Julianelle, Marine Parents from Iowa
  • Kendra Kahn, Marine Parent from Texas
  • Lynn Lusardi, Marine Supporter
  • Alexandra Matthews, Marine Parent from New Jersey
  • John Nowak, Marine Supporter
  • Steve Pennington, Marine Supporter from Missouri
  • Evelyn and Tom Polizi, Marine Supporter from California
  • Sheree Rakowski, Marine Mom from Minnesota
  • Loriann Safian, Marine Parent from Illinois
  • Kathleen Schnier, Marine Sister from Illinois
  • Grace Simpson, Marine Supporter
  • Lou Ann Stark, Marine Parent from Springfield
  • Lana Stephens, Marine Mom from Nebraska
  • Cheryl Stone, Marine Parent from California
  • Mark Stoner, Marine Supporter from California
  • Ronald and Patty Underdahl, Marine Parents form Georgia
  • Marge Usher, Marine Supporter
  • Gary Watson, Marine Supporter from Wisconsin
  • John & Vicki Whitworth, Marine Parents from Missouri

  • Allen Abshire, Marine Parent from Louisiana*
  • Latonya Addison, Marine Parent from South Carolina
  • Morgan G. Allen, Marine Supporter from Georgia
  • Jeff Alexander, Marine Supporter
  • George & Sharon Andrew, Marine Parents from Colorado
  • Cynthia Arnold, Marine Parent from Missouri
  • Amy Arnold-Likens, Marine Parent from Ohio
  • Irma Ramirez Avila, Marine Supporter
  • David and Christine Baldwin, Marine Supporters
  • Endre Balogh
  • Kim Bartelt, Marine Mom from Wisconsin
  • Melinda & Wendell Barrow, Marine Parents from Texas
  • Mark Bolch, Marine Great Uncle from Missouri
  • Meghan Brassfield, Marine Supporter
  • Peggy Braley, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Autumn Breen, Marine Wife from Illinois
  • Angela Briggs, Marine Wife from Florida
  • Laura Brou, Marine Parent from Louisiana
  • Jayson Brown, Marine Supporter
  • Joe and Susan Buedel, Marine Supporter from Indiana
  • Cynthia Burnett, Marine Parent from Maryland
  • Dan Byrd, III, Marine Supporter from Florida
  • George Campos, Marine Parent from California
  • Jim Cater, Marine Dad from Georgia
  • Al and Donna Checca, Marine Parents from Ohio
  • Sonja and JT Clark, Marine Parents from California
  • John Coggins, Marine Father from Colorado
  • Robert Coli, Marine Supporter from California
  • Marcia Connerly, Marine Mom from Oregon
  • Tammy Cunningham, Marine Parent from Kansas
  • Val Cruz, Marine Supporter
  • Jon and Carol Dearing, Parents of Marine Recruit, Dallas, TX
  • Shirley A. Dearinger, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Mary De Lateur, Marine Mom from Washington
  • David and Diana DeRuiter, Marine Supporter
  • Jan Dillon, Marine Parent from Colorado
  • Linda and Tim Ditzler, Marine Parents from Pennsylvania
  • Don & Paula Dolliver, Marine Parents from Nevada
  • Brenda Donaghy, Marine Mom from Maine
  • Carol Drotar, Marine Parent from Colorado
  • Margaret & Steve Dunphy, Marine Parents from Ohio
  • Jeannie Flores, Marine Supporter
  • Richard Flores, Marine Dad from Texas
  • Diane and Charlie Flowers, Marine Parents from Texas*
  • Gaia Ford, Marine Supporter from New York
  • Beca and Steve Fowler, Marine Parents from Washington
  • Ree and David Fraley, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Paula Forman, Marine Parent from New York
  • Maria Garcia, Marine Parent from Illinois
  • Nancy Garcia, Marine Parent from Illinois
  • Amy Gaskins, Marine Parent from Tennessee
  • Gail Gavit, Marine Parent from Texas
  • The Gee Family, Marine Family from California
  • Jayne Giesler, Marine Parent from Indiana
  • Eileen Gioia, Marine Parent from Michigan
  • Susan Gitschlag, Marine Mom from Mississippi
  • Mariela Gonzalez, Marine Supporter
  • Ethan and Rebecca Hagerty, Marine Brother & Marine Sister from Pennsylvania
  • Y. Kay Hale, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Julie Haley, Marine Supporter from Arkansas
  • Belinda Harbin, Marine Supporter
  • Elizabeth Harnois, Marine Supporter
  • George Harris, Marine Supporter from Pennsylvania
  • 2BigBroncos Organization and Kurt Hartsig, Marine Parent from Washington
  • Steve & Robin Hemberger, Marine Supporters from Ohio
  • Donna and Gary Hemmelgarn, Marine Parents from Minnesota
  • Kathy and Lee Hess, Marine Parents from New York
  • John Hickey, Marine Supporter from Florida
  • Kevin and Lori Holman, Marine Parents of Two of the Few from Oklahoma
  • Kim Howell, Marine Parent
  • Brenda Irby & Bruce Joyce Marine Parents from Maryland
  • Laura Johnson, Marine Supporter from Arizona
  • Richard and Kathleen (Kathy) Jones, Marine Parents from California
  • Lynn Julianelle, Marine Parent from Iowa
  • Kelly Novak, The JuneBug Shop, Marine Supporter from New Jersey
  • Kat's Southern Scents, Marine Supporter
  • Martha Kelly, Marine Mom from Michigan
  • Alan and Kevin King, Marine Supporters
  • Melissa Kinsella, Marine Sister from New York
  • Deborah Klippel, Marine Parent from Illinois
  • Jon and Helen Kuhl, Marine Supporters
  • Larry and Linda Kujawski, Marine Parents from Texas
  • Frank LaBare, Marine at MCRD
  • Tara and Benjamin Leavitt, Marine Supporter from Washington
  • Michael Leskoske, Marine Supporter
  • Mark Luker, Former Marine with 1st FSSG from Oregon
  • Ron Lux, Marine Father from Iowa
  • Michael and Laurel Madden, Marine Parents from New York
  • Shelley and John Malone, Marine Parents from New Jersey
  • Gino Marchioni, Marine Supporter from New York
  • Robert Mardis, Texas
  • Belva Martinez, Marine Supporter from Wyoming
  • Christine Matlock, Marine Supporter from Illinois
  • Joseph Matson, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Carol Matulevich, Marine Mom from Pennsylvania
  • Dwight Maynard, Marine Parent from Virginia
  • Kelly Mayes, Marine Parent from Oregon
  • Holly Mcbroom, Marine Sister from Ohio
  • Joel McCabe, Marine Supporter
  • Lonnie and Jim McConnell, Marine Parents from California
  • Vickie and Dan McKay, Marine Supporter from Illinois
  • Milagros Merced, Marine Supporter from California
  • Laura and Greg Merchen, Marine Parents from South Dakota
  • Travis Michael, Marine Mom from Texas
  • Bill and Michele Michaels, Marine Parents from Arizona
  • Patricia Molitoris, Retired Marine
  • Michelle Molina, Marine Supporter from California
  • Philip Murray, Marine Parent from Texas
  • Norman Noah, Marine Supporter from North Carolina
  • Sharron Noe, Marine Supporter
  • AnnMaura Ohare, Marine Supporter from Florida
  • Louise Palermo, Marine Mom from California*
  • Jeremy and Wendy Paley in Memory of Josephine and Jerold B. Paley
  • Lisa M. Park, Marine Supporter from California
  • John Platt, Marine Supporter
  • Jean Poulsen, Marine Supporter from California
  • Lanie Powell, Marine Supporter from Kentucky
  • Tchevnavia Ranesfore, Marine Supporter from North Carolina
  • Richard and Carol Ratto, Marine Parents from California
  • Richard Regnier, Marine Supporter
  • Robert and Paula Remington, Marine Parents from Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Reynolds, Marine Parent from California
  • Felipe Rivera, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Jaye Roberts, Marine Parent from Illinois
  • Raymond Robinette, Marine Supporter from Kansas
  • Sandy and Don Robinson, Marine Parents from Illinois
  • Klaus Roeckinghausen, Marine Supporter
  • Mel and Mary Lou & Lisa Rogers, Marine Supporters from California
  • Barbara Romano, Marine Supporter from New Jersey
  • Phyllis Rose, Marine Parent from Utah
  • Sue Root, Marine Mom
  • Katherine Rudolph, Marine Supporter
  • Jackye Sams, Marine Mom from Virginia
  • Richard Sanders, Marine Parent
  • Madonna Sawyer, Marine Parent from Illinois
  • Debbie Schallock, Marine Parent from North Carolina
  • Connie Schmidt, Marine and Military Supporter
  • Crissy Schutz, Marine Supporter from California
  • James Schwabe, Marine Parent from Indiana
  • Nicole Sette, Marine Wife from California
  • Allen and Trudi Shafer, Marine Parents from Iowa
  • Tracy Shaw, Marine Parent from Arizona
  • Paula Shelton, Marine Supporter from New Jersey
  • Sharon Sherbert
  • Anita Sherman, Marine Parent from Maine
  • John Shine, Marine Former Marine Supporter from Illinois
  • Dawn Shreve-Ketler, Marine Mom from Ohio
  • Simon Mall Gift Card
  • Carla Smith, Marine Parent from Ohio
  • Rene Sola, Marine Supporter
  • Karlyn and Col. Curt Southwick, Marine Parents from Virginia
  • Donna Stackhouse, Marine Parent from New York
  • Donald Stone, Marine Supporter
  • Nancy Switzer, Marine Supporter from Minnesota
  • Jim Taylor, Marine Parent from Virginia
  • Brenda Thacker, Marine Parent
  • Jodee Thompson, Marine Mom from Washington
  • Kurt and Christine Thompson, Marine Corps Supporters and former Marine
  • Leslie Tietje, Marine Parent from Arizona
  • On behalf of A. Blair Voltz Family of Birmingham, Alabama
  • Larry Warnke, Supporter from Illinois
  • Annmarie Westermann, Marine Supporter from New York
  • Tara Whisman, Marine Parent from Montana
  • Jim Whittier, Marine Supporter
  • Pamela Wilson, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Kathy Wolabaugh, Marine Parent from Pennsylvania
  • Mary Woods, Marine Supporter from Texas
  • Dorothy Wright, Marine Supporter
  • Ann and Xavier Zavala, Marine Parents from Virginia
  • Walter and Michelle Zdon, Marine Parents from Illinois

* MarineParents.com web site volunteer

Thank you for your continued support of our Marines and our efforts to support, encourage, and inform the parents and families of our Marines.

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