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Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 Marine Corps Archives
This section updated Thursday, July 5, 2007 ~ 17:03 CST
Iraq 2003 Archives | News Search | Early 2003 Iraq News | Iraq/Kuwait Maps & Camps
Op Iraqi Freedom Embedded Reporter List | Archive List of Embedded Reporters
See also: From Our Marines | Photo Galleries | OIF Books | Lists & Names
List of Embedded Journalists and Marine Units

We're developing a list of embedded reporters and what units they are deployed with as well as a link to any online news from those reporters. Please help me to put this together by emailing Embedded@MarineParents.com. Please include the reporters name, who they work for, and the name of the Marine Battalion/Unit that they are embedded with. Include a web address if you know it. Thanks for your help!

There are two lists on this page; the first list is ordered by the Marine Corps Unit, and the second list is random as the information has come in. The second list includes some links. I am working on organizing and cleaning up this page now.

May 31: Archive List of Embedded Reporters

May 31: Map of Embedded Reporters
This is a great interactive map that includes archived files of news stories from some of the reporters.

Finding Photos Online
  1. Go to: http://news.yahoo.com
  2. Change the scroll bar from "News Stories" to "News Photos"
  3. Type in your Marine's unit (i.e. 3rd Battalion 4th, or India Co)
  4. Click "Search"
  5. Modify your search until you get the results you expect (adding Marines will narrow the search)

Finding News Stories Online

  • Go to: http://news.google.com
  • Type in your Marine's unit (i.e. 3rd Battalion 4th, or India Co)
  • Click "Search"
  • Modify your search until you get the results you expect (adding Marines will narrow the search)

    Links to Catalogs of Embedded Journalists
    This web site, called cyberjournalist.net, features a catalog of embedded journalists and the military units they are embedded with. Includes all branches of the military, not just the Marines.

    List 1: Embedded Journalists by Marine Units
    Contributed by Sue of West Covina, CA

      1st MarDiv

    • NPR: Burnett John F
      Go to www.npr.org, search for John Burnett, and you can hear all of his broadcasts since a few days after the war started. h
    • NY Times: Kifner John
    • NY Times: Mohammed Ozier
    • El Correo: Gallego Mercedes
    • LA Times: Perry Tony


    • CBS TV 1 U.S. TV Spitzer Kirk
    • CBS TV 1 U.S. TV Joyce Randall
    • CBS TV 1 U.S. TV Starling Patrick

      1st Bn/5th Mar

    • UPI Wire Service: Tomkins Richard J.
    • AP Radio: Simpson Ross W.
    • Orange County Register: Dillow Gordon
    • Orange County Register: Avery Mark D

      2nd Bn/5th Mar

    • Globe TV: Documentary: Cerre Michael N
    • 4 Globe TV: Documentary: Elwell James M
    • Denver Post: Newspaper: Cross James A.
    • Newsday: Tayler Letta M.

      3rd Bn/5th Mar

    • NBC TV: TV: Klimovitz Joseph
    • NBC TV: TV: Reid Charles H
    • NBC TV: TV: Zito John
    • Baltimore Sun: Newspaper: Murphy John
    • Baltimore Sun: Newspaper: Osnos Evan

      3rd Bn/7th Mar

    • Combat Films: Documentary: Billingsley Dodge
    • Combat Films: Documentary: Chamberlain Doug H
    • WSJ: Newspaper: Phillips Michael M.
    • AP: Wire Service: Rauch Laura A.
    • AP: Wire Service: Nessman Ravi M.
    • St. Louis Post: Newspaper: Harris Ronald J.
    • St. Louis Post: Newspaper: Cutraro Andrew

      3rd Bn/4th Mar

    • SF Chronicle: Newspaper: Koopman John D
    • Time: Magazine: Nickelsberg Robert Paul
    • Time: Magazine: Robinson Simon
    • National Geographic: Magazine: Scruka Gary

      1st Tank Bn

    • Boston Herald: Newspaper: Takahashi Kuni
    • Talk Radio News: Radio: Espinoza Cholene D
    • USA Today: Newspaper
    • DS RCT-7 VOA: Radio: Block Deborah T.
    • 4 Nat'l Journal: Magazine: Wilson George C
    • Marine Corps Times: Newspaper: Brinkley C Mark
    • Marine Corps Times: Newspaper: McCreshin Jud

      5th Bn/11th Mar

    • GS Sidney AM Herald: Newspaper: Murdock Lindsay

      1st Recon Bn

    • Rolling Stone: Magazine: Wright Evan A.

      1st Combat Eng Bn

    • The Ledger, Lakeland, FL: Newspaper: Allen Diane L
    • Pittsburgh Tribune Rev.: Newspaper: Prine Carl

      2nd/3d/4th AAV Bn

    • MBC (Dubai) 1 Intl TV: Waiel Dr. Awwan
    • MBC (Dubai) 1 Intl TV: El Masri Talal F
    • MBC (Dubai) 1 Intl TV: Talal Asubmit: Send
    List 2: Embedded Journalists (no order)
    The links below are contributions from Marine Families of journalists embedded specifically with Marines. We're still working on collecting these names. Contributions welcome.
    • Sue Lackey - Talk Radio News Service - Lima Company, 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines out of Camp Lejeune.
      Includes audio clips!
    • Art Harris - CNN - 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines
    • Martin Savidge - CNN - 1st Battalion, 7th Marines
    • Jonathan Finer - Washington Post - 1st Battalion, 7th Marines
    • Gary Scurka - National Geograpic - 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines
    • John Koopman - San Francisco Chronicle - 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines
    • Fred Dodd - www.southbendtribune.com
    • Carl Prine - www.pittsburghLIVE.com ~ 1st Marine Division, 1st Combat Engineering Battalion (CEB).
      (He's also a prior Marine (0311) and veteran of the Persian Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope.)
    • Ron Harris - St.Louis Post-Dispatch - 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines
    • Chip Reid - 1st Marine Division
    • John Murphy - The Baltimore Sun - 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment
    • Cholene Espinoza - TalkRadio - 1st Tanks
    • Elliot Blair Smith - USA Today - 1st Tanks
    • John Roberts - CBS News - 1st Marine Division, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaisance Battalion of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
    • Mike Cerre - ABC News ~ Nightline - 2nd Battalioin, 5th Marines: Fox Co., 3rd Marine AAV Plt
    • Bob Woodruff- ABC News - 1st LAR Battalion, 5th Regiment (from Camp Pendleton) As of his last report, he was traveling with Delta Company.
    • Rex Bowman - Richmond Times Dispatch - Charlie company, 1st batallion, 4th marine regiment, 1st marine division
    • James Crawley - San Diego Union-Tribune - 1st LAR Battalion, 5th Regiment (from Camp Pendleton)
    • Rick Leventhal - FoxNews - 3rd LAR Battalion (from 29 Palms)
      (Transferred to 23rd Marines in early April.)
    • Dennis O'Brien - The Virginian-Pilot Task Force Tarawa from Camp Lejeune ~ Charlie Company of the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
    • Nahal Toosi - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 6th Engineer Support Battalion
    • Kerry Sanders - MSNBC - 2nd battalion, 8th Marines Task Force Tarawa from Camp Lejeune
    • Matthew Schofield - Kansas City Star - 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
    • Bravo 1/5 Richard Tomkins, UPI
    • 1st Bn 7th Marines Johnathan Finer
    • 1st Bn 7th Marines Peter Baker, Washington Post
    • 1st Bn 7th Marines Evan Osnos, Chicago Tribune
    • India 3/5 John Murphy, Baltimore Sun
    • Golf 2/5 Letta Tayler, Newsday
    • 2/8, Kerry Sanders, NBC-a few days ago. They indicate they have moved to other units
    • Michael Wilson of the NY Times is embedded with the 2nd MEB Tarawa Marines near Nasiriyia.
    • Fred Dodd - South Bend Tribune - Engineer Company B, 6th Engineer Support Battalion
    • Newsday reporter Letta Tayler www.newsday.com, is embedded with the 1st Marine Division, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines: Golf Company
    • Michael Coronado and photographer David Bauman - The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, Calif. - 7th Engineer Support Battalion. E-mail them at correspondents@belointeractive.com
    • Byron Harris- WFAA-TV in Dallas - 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit's Service Supply Group (MSSG-11). E-mail him at correspondents@belointeractive.com
    • Michael Corkery 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division, mechanized, known as the 2-7 Infantry, in Iraq. E-mail him at correspondents@belointeractive.com
    • Jason Bellini - CNN - 15MEU
    • John Kifner - NY Times - 1st MEF
    • FOX NEWS:
      Oliver North 1st MEF
      Rick Levanthal (Armored Marines)
      Greg Kelly (3rd Infantry--Army)
    • Lindsay Murdoch - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 5th BN 11th Marines 1st Marine Division
    • John Bebow - Detroit News - Marine Combat Service Support Group (CSSG) 11 with the 1st Marine Division
    • Kit Roane - US News - 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines (3/4)
    • Robert Nickelsberg - TIME Magazine - 1st Marine Division
    • Kuni Takahashi - Boston Herald - 3/4 (3rd Battalion, 4th Marines)
    • Scott Bernard Nelson - Boston Globe - 2nd BN 11th marines, 1st marine division
    • Ken Kalthoff - KXAS TV in Fort Worth reporting for MSNBC TV - 2ND Marine Expeditionary Brigade 1/10 A Battery
      (His reports are usually on between 8 pm-10 pm Pacific Standard Time on MSNBC)
    • Mark Oliva - Stars & Stripes - 2nd Battalion, 23 Marines
    • Gordon Dillow - Orange County Register, Santa Ana, California - 1st Battalion, 5th Marines
    • Graham Rayman - Newsday - 8th ESB out of Camp Lejeune
    • Doug Mellgren - USMC - 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Echo Company's 1st Platoon
    • Mark Franchetti - London Sunday Times - 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines
    • Scott Bernard Nelson - Boston Globe - 2/11 Fox Company out of Camp Pendleton
    • Andrea Gerlin - Philadelphia Inquirer - 1st Battalion/4th Marines.
    • Bob Arnot - MSNBC - 1/4 Weapons Co
    • Cholene Espinoza - www.talkadionews.com - 1st Tanks.
    • Alessio Vinci - CNN - Task Force Tarawa units- the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines out of Camp LeJeune.
    • Bob Woodruff - ABC News - Charlie Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battallion
    • John Burnett - National Public Radio - Romeo Battery, 5th Battalion, 11th Marines
    • Darrin Mortenson and Hayne Palmour (Photographer) - North County Times - 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines (Lima Co & India Co)
    • Matthew Fisher - National Post (Canada) - 3rd LAR, Company B
    • Jim Landers - Dallas Morning News - 2nd Tank battalion, 5th regiment (2/5)
      (Photographer Cheryl Diaz Meyer)
    • Michael Coronado - Dallas Morning News - 7th Engineer Support Battalion
      (Photographer David Bauman)
    • Brett Lieberman - The Patriot-News - 2nd Battalion, 25th Marines
    • Robert Nickelsberg - Time Magazine - B co, 1st tank bn (linked with 3/4 marines)
    • Earnie Grafton - San Diego Union Tribune - 1st Marine Division, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Batalion, Weapons Company
    • Andrea Gerlin - Philadelphia Inquirer - 1st Batallion, 4th Marines.


    • Chicago Tribune various AP: Lots of photos of the 15th MEU
    • Also with 15th MEU AP photographer Tam McDonald
    • With 2/1 UPI photographer Brian Wickliffe
    • With 3/5 John Makely
    • Laura Rauch, AP photographer is with 3/7
    • Mark Avery - Orange County Register, Santa Ana, California - Alpha Co
    • Laura Rauch - AP Photographer - 3/7 (3rd Battalion, 7th Marines)
      (Laura's photos are all posted on webcenters.compuserve.com. Enter "Laura Rauch" in the search bar & be sure "photos" is selected.)
    • Desmond Boylan of Reuters and Itsuo Inouye of the AP are embedded with the 15th MEU.
      The official web site has photos from Fox Company and Echo Company. www.15meu.usmc.mil


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