Volunteer Position: Group Guide (GG)

(Official MarineParents.com Facebook Groups)

We have one Group Guide (GG) per Marine Corps RTB companies for both MCRD locations for a total of 27 Group Guides working with the official Marine Parents Recruit Facebook groups at any one time. The Group Guide is responsible for backing up the company leader in posts and sharing of information as well as answering questions and directing members to the Official Marine Parents website pages for information and ordering from the EGA Shop. The Group Guide reports to the Company Leader. Each group guide follows procedure and protocol under the leadership of the company leader.

GG Position Requirements

  • Need to commit to at least one hour per day on Facebook
  • Comprehension of Official MarineParents.com Facebook Groups
  • Basic computer and internet skills
  • Knowledge of Marine Parents and Recruit Parents website content
  • Knowledge of MarineParents.com, Inc. programs and services
  • Knowledge of Marine Parents Facebook policies and guidelines
  • Marine family member who has completed boot camp
  • Thorough knowledge of boot camp training matrix schedule
  • Strong organizational skills and written communication skills

GG Job Description

  • Back-up for the Company Leader's daily posts
  • Posting informational posts
  • Assist Company Leader in replying and handling member questions and issues
  • Promote the EGA Store
  • Direct the appropriate section of the MarineParents.com or RecruitParents.com Websites

Official MarineParents.com Facebook Groups Volunteer Positions

For more information about this position, please contact the MarineParents.com Director of Facebook Groups, Teresita Reynolds via email Teresita@MarineParents.com or apply by using the link apply

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