Guideline #1: Follow Our Mission Statement

Embrace the Family, Be Fair

To join the groups, you must meet group membership criteria. Within Operational Security, posts must follow our mission of informing, connecting, sharing and supporting Marines and their family members. For additional information, please see Mission Statement. Please stick to the facts. Avoid propagating rumors, inciting panic or creating undue alarm. Members are expected to be respectful of one another. Personal attacks are not allowed. Please be fair.

We do not discriminate against any views, but we will delete any of the following comments or photos:

  • comments or photos that threaten or harm the reputation of any person or organization
  • violent, obscene, profane, hateful, or racist comments or photos
  • comments or images that suggest or encourage illegal activity
  • multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted

In short: meet group membership criteria, be nice, keep our troops safe, and add to the discussion. If you continually violate this policy, we may limit your ability to comment in the future. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, let us know.

Application and Examples

We have hundreds of groups for you to join depending on where you live, how you are related to your Marine, and where your recruit or Marine may be in his/her career in the Corps. Members must meet the group's criteria for each of our group types or they will be removed from the group. Guideline 1
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