Guideline #14: No Advertising or Soliciting

Be legit and buy advertising please  don't post competitors

Repeated from guideline 6: We are a nonprofit organization and do not allow links to websites that compete with our products, services or outreach programs. Please respect that we must pay the bills for the outreach programs; our income is solely from donations and sales from the EGA Store. As a nonprofit, we are proud that 99.8% of our income from both donations and sales, is used for program expenses.

Additionally, this is not a place for you to advertise or solicit. Nor is this a place for you to invite folks to join your club, facebook group or organization (whether online or brick and mortar). We encourage vendors wanting to sell products or services to advertise with us. See Advertising Rates for more information.

Application and Examples

  • Soliciting donations and/or posting GoFundMe pages to solicit for donations is not permitted in any Official Marine Parents Facebook Group, pages, or other social media operated by the organization. Please use extreme caution when making donations to GoFundMe causes and do not post them here.
  • holds official fundraisers on behalf of our own outreach programs as well as for other 501(c)(3) organizations we work with. Our programs are fully vetted prior to release. No other fundraising is allowed. Guideline 1
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