Veterans United Foundation Grant

Veterans United Foundation Grant has received a $10,000 grant from the Veterans United Foundation (VUF). The money from this grant will go directly towards the Warrior Support Team™ (WST), an outreach program of that strives to provide resources and fellowship to wounded, ill, and injured troops and veterans, including those living with post-traumatic stress (PTS), as well as to provide resources and support to family members.

The Warrior Support Team serves in a few different capacities. We have an onsite program with a team on the coasts in San Diego, CA and Bethesda, MD. These teams serve meals to the veterans at the hospitals as well as the USO and Liberty Center. These dinners are about more than just providing a hot meal to those who have sacrificed so much on our behalf. They're about more than breaking up the monotony of what can be a long and challenging recovery process. They're about more than giving volunteers a chance to meet, interact with, and show support for our service members. The dinners are about changing the lives of recovering warriors in a positive manner.

In addition to our onsite programs, we distributed our Warrior Reintegration Bag to warriors, caregivers, family members, and VA counselors nationwide. The Warrior Reintegration Bag includes a variety of items to accomplish two things: to provide resources to the warrior to aid in recovery and to provide items to help re-establish their team identity. To learn more about our Warrior Reintegration Bags click here.

This past year we've worked to have a local reach as well. We connected with a Veteran working with a group of recovering veterans at the VA in Columbia, Missouri. The group not only focuses on Post Traumatic Stress, Combat Recovery, and reintegration into civilian life but also drug and alcohol recovery. We have provided Warrior Reintegration Bags to 44 warriors in this local group, as well as resources for parenting during drug and alcohol recovery.

We would like to thank the Veterans United Foundation for choosing us as the recipient of this grant. We look forward to continuing to be able to serve Marines, veterans, and their family members through the outreach programs.

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