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II MEF Headquarters Group (II MHG)
Expeditionary Units: II Marine Expeditionary Force
The Mission of the II MEF Headquarters Group is to provide command and support functions for the II Marine Expeditionary Force and provide administrative and logistical support functions for the II MEF Command Element and supported units to enhance the war-fighting capabilites of II MEF.

II MHG's subordinate elements are: 2nd ANGLICO, 2nd Intelligence Bn, 2nd Radio Bn and 8th Communication Bn and Military Police Support Co.

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Official USMC Unit Information
Base Location: MCB Camp Lejeune, NC
Official Unit Web Site:
Attention FRO and/or Senior Command Elements of the II MHG: To request changes to the II MHG Unit Information Page™, please contact the Marine Parents office at 573-303-5500 Ext. 3 or via email Office staff will make the changes immediately.
OFFICIAL Marine Corps Family Readiness Information
Family Readiness Page:
Family Readiness Officer (FRO) No name listed
FRO Phone Number (910) 451-8927
Unit Hotline Number 877-817-7322
Hotline Extension Option 3
Marine Family Readiness: Under Commandant Conway's guidance, the Marine Corps Family Readiness program has undergone some changes in 2008. Every battalion has a FRO (Family Readiness Officer) who is responsible for providing information to spouses, parents and family members of our deployed Marines. The KV or Key Volunteer program is being phased out.
FRO Structure: The primary source of unit/battalion information for spouses AND parents is the FRO and Unit Hotline. The FRO will work with FR Assistants, FR Advisors and FR Volunteers along with the senior command members to make up the new Family Readiness Command Team. "a Place to Connect & Share"™
The web site is for parents, spouses, family and friends of our Marines and Recruits to gather for support during bootcamp, training, active duty, floats, and deployments. All Marine and Recruit family members and friends are welcome to join us. The web site offers information, a message board, and real-time chats to provide families from the same unit with "a Place to Connect & Share"™. Please review posting guidelines prior to use of message board, forum, or chat room. Political discussions are not permitted. Refrain from posting last names and personal information in the forum or chat room. Original links must be posted with all news articles.
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II MEF Headquarters Group (II MHG) Postal Facility
If you need assistance finding a mailing address for a Marine, please contact the postal facility of the last known state-side duty station. The postal facility will not give out mailing addresses to non-family members. Family members need to be prepared to provide identifying information for their Marine. The following is contact information for the postal facility that handles II MHG mail:
Postal Facility Location Main Post Office Camp Lejeune, NC
Postal Phone Number(s) (910) 451-2789/2204/5134

II MEF Headquarters Group (II MHG) Mailing Addresses
PSC BOX 20085
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542

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