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Writings & Poetry From Parents
The Story Behind One Marine Mom's Generous Donation

A Marine Mom sent a dollar to our office in contribution to our Care Package Dollar Campaign, which collects funds necessary to ship care packages overseas. She included a personal letter with her dollar, and in the letter was a touching story behind the dollar she generously donated:

"I was walking to my office from the parking lot this morning and saw a $1 bill on the ground. I picked it up and asked around if it belonged to anyone. Nobody claimed it so I put it in my purse and settled in to begin my morning.

Checking email a couple hours later I saw today's edition of the newsletter requesting a dollar to help with postage for the Care Packet Project™. I always wished I was in a position to help with this wonderful campaign, but being a single parent my funds are very limited, which is disheartening at times, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Then I remembered the dollar I found on my way in and there you go! God provided a way for me to be able to donate when most times sending in even a one dollar bill can be so difficult. I am hoping to find a local group who participates in a similar campaign that I can volunteer with.

My Marine will be deploying to Afghanistan in February or March of 2011 so my younger son and I would like to be able to help in some small way to make it easier for these brave souls so far away from home.

God provided my enclosed donation and if there is a way for me to help with this project in some way I know the path will open up before me."

A Marine Mother's Prayer

OK don't hear from me much, although I'm sure you've got an eye on me daily, wondering "what is that girl up to now and when is she going to come on in for a talk"... I've read prayers from other parents and I wanted to try and offer a prayer too. I just want to ask you to watch over all our fine young men and women currently serving in the USMC, where ever they may be, overseas or stateside.

I ask that you place a firm hand on our Marines' shoulders during the day ... during the night and guide their steps always toward a path of well being and out of harms way.

Whisper in their ear, giving word again to the courage and pride they sought at the beginning of their chosen journey as a Marine, courage and pride that was strengthened and challenged by the Marines who proceeded them in duty and battle. Whisper a second time in their ear and whisper a little louder "Semper Fi."

Grasp their hand at close of day, as they stand weary, in need of rest, and let them remember the mother..the father ... the wife ... the husband ... the child who has held their hand while home sharing the simple pleasure of family love and waits to hold their hand again. Let them realize that though the miles apart are actual, the distance of heart between themselves and family and friends has never been so close as it is while they are away from home.

.... and as they face situation, place and circumstance that might challenge the very core of their humanity, could you please place in the sole of their boots an arch built upon your wisdom and mercy ... I think if they have your arch they will not bend or stoop.

Give them a joke or two a day, a slap upon the back, a friend that makes them smile and a laugh that makes them cry.

Let our care packages, emails, IMs, twitters, letters ... our silent prayers from home reach them and may they never doubt our continued support and appreciation.

Dear Lord, my son will soon be deployed and I am frightened. I know that in all our Armed Forces, many have gone before my son and many will go after my son to battle grounds far from home and I know that each is your child, and by each, you have stood and will stand during their time of service. I thank you for this. There are others much more grounded in faith than I have ever been ... and well ... I'll ask this for me ... for others like me who keep wondering off the path ... I'm sure I'm not the only one standing off to the sidelines much of the time ... help us to inhale a deep and sustaining breath that we can take you in and feel your power and love.

Thank you for blessing our daughters and sons who risk their lives to hold safe our freedoms.

... and thanks for guiding me toward Recruit Parents and Marine Parents

Jeanne Watson ~ July 2009

Miles to go...before they sleep!

They are alert to any danger
that might come their way.
They must look to the left,
they must look to the right.
Search this house, check that road.
They have such a long journey.
Miles to go...before they sleep.
They are so far from home.
They are walking roads
where other military has gone.
Helping to make a country free,
helping to keep another one that way.
Miles to go...before they sleep.
They eat their MREs
and think of home cooked meals,
when they close their eyes
for just a moment they think
of the loved ones they miss
Can't stop for too long
Miles to go...before they sleep.
They watch their brother's backs
There isn't anything they won't do
to see each other safe.
They are now another kind of family
Walking side by side
No one will be left behind
Miles to go...before they sleep.
But oh, when they finally lay down
and sleep, I wonder-
do they dream of home?

Connie Braddock
Hartsville, South Carolina

Angel Whispers

You will see me in the dawn
of a new day, as the sun comes
up over the land
You will hear me in the soft,
gentle summer rain.
I am with you always,
just listen to Angel Whispers.
You will find me beside a rolling
stream as it makes it way
through the woods.
When you awake in the
morning, know that I am there
to help you start your day.
Just listen to Angel Whispers.
I will be in the wind
as it gently brushes
through your hair.
As you go through your
day and you feel a chill,
know that I am with you.
Just listen to Angel Whispers.
And when you go to bed
at night, know that I am
with you-loving you
and missing you too!
Just listen to Angel Whispers.

In memory and honor of Lance Corporal Bob Mininger
26 February 1984-6 June 2005
3/8-3rd Bn 8th Marines
With love for Mommini (Paula)
To our Fallen Heroes-You will be remembered
To our Gold Stars-May you always listen for "Angel Whispers."

Connie Braddock
Hartsville, South Carolina


Stunned and shocked at your decision
Know you have thought and weighed your options
Think you are doing this to defend
A country under attack is what you hope to mend.

Remember when you were just a tot
Bending straws so you could fire
Now those straws are no longer a need
Assault rifles and grenade launchers are your speed.

Rough and tumble games with friends
Sliding down the snow packed sidewalks and hills
Replaced this adventure now with empty buildings and sand
Always with your new brothers close at hand.

Hard for me to comprehend
When my little boy became such a fine man
Still I wait, worry, and pray
'Till my Marine is home to stay.

Trish Fry
Menomonee Falls, WI


He steps onto the bootprints embedded in the sand
Bootprints of another who has walked that dusty land.
It is his turn to "cycle in" his journey's just begun
It's time to relieve his brother and the job that he has done.
The battle will continue on, the long months lie ahead
It's time to send his brother home, to stand his place instead.
In silence they exchange a glance, each passes by the other
Unspoken words of gratitude, Semper Fi, OohRah my brother.
Bootprints of another kind, belonging to their "Mothers"
As one steps off, the other on, they wonder about each other.
They've shared the same emotions, just both at different times
It is her son that's coming home, the one deployed is mine.
And yet I know within my heart, when needed she will step
Back upon those bootprints, and not with one regret!
And so in time I will accept the torch that's passed to me
And carry it with endearing pride for our sons across the sea.

Barb 822

For My Brother

You may now know this,
but you are two to me.
Meant to be just one of these,
You've become much more to me.

You are here to teach me.
Teach me how to teach to be social.
Teach me what educators can't.

You are here to be my hero.
Save me when I need saving.
Stand up for me when I need to be defended.

You are here when tears start falling.
To hug me and say everything will be okay.
To say I'll hurt the person who hurt you.

You are here to support me.
When we triumph together.
To say congratulations when I do well.

And when you're not around,
out serving our country, which you do so well.
I think back on all the times we've had,
in which you've been there for me.

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I know when you come home,
we will create an endless bond.

I know that you think about me,
and wonder how I am doing.
All you need to do is think of yourself.
Because I follow in everything you do.

You are everything I want to be,
And everything I already am.
You are my best friend.
And most of all, my big brother.

I love you, Joseph.
I miss you, Joseph.
And can't wait until
you come back home♥

By Nicole Schiano 3/19/08

This section is taken from my book, "Blue Star In My Window," pages 167-168. It was written during my son's first deployment to Fallujah, Iraq. March 13, 2006 9:00 p.m.

He has lived six months of his 21-year-old life in a country not his own.
He has invested much, and he is dedicated to the job the 2/6 has done.
He has signed over four years of his life to the United States Marine Corps.
He has voluntarily given up the familiarity of Ohio, his family, and his friends.
He now embraces another culture and has a new family--the Corps. His letters indicate a depth he didn't have before.
He is thoughtful in his writing and reaches out to "Ma" and "Pops," but his thoughts and ideas are his own now--no longer spoon fed.
He has questions I never dreamed of asking.
He's seen sights I can't imagine.
He's pushed himself in ways I've never stretched to reach.
I'm going to meet and greet a son in a little over a month -- in many ways a son whom I don't know and have never met before.
But when I hug him, I'll know my son.
A war can't wipe that away.

Catherine DePew
Proud Marine Mom
Blue Star In My Window
Copyright 2007

I am the Mother of a Marine, this is my daily routine

Mentally calculating the time difference half way around the world
Accepting that my son is now MY protector
Reaching across the ocean with my love, hoping my son feels the extra boost
In the dead of night, waking up and saying a prayer for his safety and peace of mind.
Never letting my son see the tears in my eyes or hear the catch in my voice whenever he leaves home or ends a phone call
Enduring those moments when I am not as strong as I think I should be

Making it through each day by the grace of God
Opting to work extra hours or volunteer more than I used to trying to keep my mind occupied
Trying to smile even when I haven't heard from my son for days or weeks on end
Holding onto the Marine Corps motto of "Semper Fi", hoping I can keep the faith
Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, praying God is with my son and will bring him home to me safely
Rejoicing and shouting so all my coworkers know it is my son who is on the telephone.

Rhonda Elliott
Proud Marine Mom
LCpl Kristopher

My Son

Full of fear,
and full of pride,
I cried myself
to sleep that night.

July 29, 2008
my precious Son,
was to be
a rack mate.

He got off the bus,
stood on the prints,
although he was scared
he dared not wince.

This was, after all
Marine boot camp,
where the nights are cold
and the air is damp.

As the DI's holler,
yell and scream,
all he can do
is hold on to his dream.

The dream to be
One of The Few, The Proud,
to enter a world
where not all are allowed.

As the days go by
and turn into weeks,
my Son gets closer
to the goal he seeks.

A United States Marine
that's what he's become,
my pride and joy
this is my Son.

Written by Penny Hoffman
Neenah, WI


Jeremy left for bootcamp a few weeks ago
He saw the wailing tears in my eyes
He left me, my little baby boy
He said "Mom, I love you, goodbye"

He is handsome, he's funny, he's strong
He reminds me so much of me
He is a little bit of mischief, and a lot of love
He has a wonderful personality

He'd give you his shirt off his back
He's a son, a brother and friend
He's unselfish, he's giving, he's loving
He is there for you till the very end

He's always had a big piece of my heart
He's in a hurry to make a new home
He secretly still needs me around
He says he wants to be on his own

He has more courage than a lion
He is stronger than the biggest storm
He's an eagle yearning to fly high
He's been ready to go since he was born

He doesn't know how much I really care
He didn't know I didn't want to let him go
He may not know how much I miss him
He does know that I love him so

He's now fighting for his family
He has wanted this for a long time
He's proud to turn his life around
He'll go farther than anyone can climb

He is no longer my little boy
He is now my grown up fighting machine
He is learning to defend his country
I am the proud mom of a United States Marine

To Jeremy from Mom
August 5, 2008

The Last Few Months

One day my son came to his father and I.
"The Marine Corps is for me.
Research I've done, to recruiters I've talked.
Will you sign for me?"

The internet was surfed and books were read.
Long talks with him, the recruiter I grilled.
Then came the day and the papers were signed -
To boot camp my son would go.

His last day of high school in December was done.
From January to April Parris Island he did call home.
In May came the bus to Camp Lejune -
No high school grad stage was crossed.

The last few months - what a full life he's led!
From high school teen to US Marine - only five months did it take.
My pride and my love know no bounds.
To my son I say Semper Fi!

Brenda Casey
Mobile, Alabama


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