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MORE Reasons to Shop at the EGA Shop!

Officially Licensed Marine Corps Products

Reason 1: Officially Licensed Marine Corps Products, Inc. is an official trademark licensee of the United States Marine Corps. We pay royalty fees for every trademarked item we sell. Royalty fees are used for maintenance of the trademark and for Marine Corps morale, welfare, and recreation activities.

Vendors selling unlicensed Marine Corps trademark items are breaking federal law. Look for the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor hologram on items you purchase!

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Yellow Ribbon Magnet

Reason 2: Your Purchase Supports Troops and Veterans

Additionally on our end, proceeds from our store benefit our own outreach programs. From 2013-2018 spent $2,454,175 on outreach programs and services for Marine families, and $1,641,815 of that came directly from store sales at the EGA Shop.

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Our Products are Top Quality

Reason 3: Our Products are Top Quality

Our dye-sublimation t-shirt designs are beautifully printed in vivid color through heat-applied sublimation to last wash after wash without the cracking or fading you get from silk-screen or direct-to-garment printing.

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Every Stage of the Corps

Reason 4: Every Stage of the Corps

Although our most popular items are for bootcamp graduation, we sell many different designs for Marine family members to wear throughout their Marine's career in the Corps. We also sell Unit specific t-shirts for Marines.

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Great Custom Items

Reason 5: Great Custom Items

Add custom text to most of our t-shirt designs. Choose your family affiliation on our Marine Corps family designs, add your recruit's platoon number or graduation date to many other keepsakes, and add a custom engraved coin to your Marine's collection.

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Ways to Show Your Pride

Reason 6: Ways to Show Your Pride

No one will miss your Semper Fi pride with our great t-shirts, this sterling silver necklace is the best way to show that you are a Proud MoM!

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Best Looking Boot Camp Support Gear

Reason 8: Best Looking Boot Camp Support Gear

Got a recruit in bootcamp? San Diego or Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot, we've got the ooh rah spirit gear for you! Brought to you by, Inc. and Your purchase supports the organization that supports you!

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Show Your Marine Your Love

Reason 9: Show Your Marine Your Love

We have plenty of designs to show your love and your pride for your Marine family member.

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Something for Everyone

Reason 10: Something for Everyone

Many of our EGA Shop Exclusive designs include family affiliations where you are allowed to choose from or type in each specific affiliation. We have something for Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, In-Laws, Girlfriends, Sisters, Great-Grandmas, and more!

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Decorate Your Home with Marine Corps Swag

Reason 11: Decorate Your Home with Marine Corps Swag

Show your Semper Fi Spirit in your home and garden with beautiful decor items.

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Preserve Your Memories

Reason 12: Preserve Your Memories

From coins and decals to lapel pins and photo frames, we have a great selection of boot camp keepsakes you'll cherish forever.

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Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Reason 13: Stand Out in Your Neighborhood

Not only do we have the best custom graduation t-shirts, we also have rally flags, pennants, and graduation banners that will show your neighborhood you have a Marine.

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Support Outreach Programs

Reason 15: Support Outreach Programs

Over 67% of what we do in our outreach programs would not be possible without the proceeds from the EGA Shop.

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