Marine Air Support Squadron 6 (MASS-6)

Air Wings: 4th Marine Aircraft Wing

Unit Information

MASS-6 is a reserve United States Marine Corps aviation command and control unit.

The mission of MASS-6 is to provide the means to process immediate air support requests, coordinate aircraft employment with other supporting arms, manage terminal control assets supporting ground combat and combat service support forces, and control assigned aircraft and itinerant manned and unmanned aircraft transiting through its area of responsibility.

Westover ARB, MA

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Family Readiness Information

The primary source of unit/battalion information for spouses AND parents is the Deployment Readiness Coordinator (DRC) and Unit Hotline. The DRC will work with FR Assistants, FR Advisors and FR Volunteers along with the senior command members to make up the new Family Readiness Command Team.

Note: The DRC was formerly known as FRO and in some instances, the USMC Family Readiness Page has not been updated to reflect DRC rather than FRO.

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Marine Air Support Squadron 6 (MASS-6) Mailing Addresses

MASS-6(-) Westover ARB
570 Patriot Ave.
Chicopee, MA 01022

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Marine Air Support Squadron 6 (MASS-6) Postal Facility

If you need assistance finding a mailing address for a Marine, please contact the postal facility of the last known state-side duty station. The postal facility will not give out mailing addresses to non-family members. Family members need to be prepared to provide identifying information for their Marine. The following is contact information for the postal facility that handles MASS-6 mail:

Postal Facility Location

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Attention Unit DRC and/or Senior Command Elements of the MASS-6:
To request changes to the MASS-6 Unit Information Page™, please contact the Marine Parents office at 573-449-2003 or via email Office staff will make the changes immediately.

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