IBM Employee Contribution

Each year, IBM holds its annual Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign (ECCC), in which IBM employees have the option to make tax-deductable monetary contributions to the charitable organization of their choice. We were are honored that since 2013, IBM has had™ on their list of organizations employees are able to donate to.

IBM initiated this campaign in 1988 and since 1998, it has brought in over $1 million annually, exceeding $2 million for the first time in 2012. It is one of the most successful corporate campaigns of its kind in the country. The campaign begins in August with IBM retirees and executives and in October for employees.

As a company, IBM makes an effort to provide employment opportunities to military veterans, in addition to employing a large number of military family members, so we are hopeful that there will be sufficient interest among the employees to make this a successful campaign.

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