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This is a brief overview of the web site and the many services offered to the families and friends of Marines as well as services for Marines. Please feel free to use the Contact Us section of the web site to ask questions or talk to a volunteer if you need assistance using the site or finding the information you're looking for. God Bless and Semper Fi!

Bringing Marine Corps families together to Connect & Share™ with one another is our primary function. Our mission includes four distinct areas: Informing, Connecting, Sharing, and Supporting. We DO NOT address or allow political issues. We DO allow freedom of spiritual proclamations, support and prayer. We DO believe in God, Family, Country and The United States Marine Corps.

Community awareness for troop support is a vital component of our work at The Warrior Support Team™, Gold Star Luminary Initiative™, and Team Marine Parents™ provide opportunities to involve your community in actively supporting our troops.

The Web Site

The web site addresses a wide range of topics, each backed by links to official sites and resources. Topics include the United States Marine Corps, MCRD bootcamp and graduations at both Parris Island and San Diego, unit and battalion information, combat, deployments, military benefits, resources for our new generation of combat veterans, and countless other topics including relaxation and coping skills.

A Place to Connect & Share™

Support for family and friends of our U.S. Marines is offered through the web site's trademark in "a Place to Connect & Share™" which includes live support, email support, Facebook groups, and message board communities. Both the Facebook groups and message boards are moderated for safety and to assure compliance with OPSEC (Operational Security).
"a Place to Connect & Share™

Support During Bootcamp

Overwhelmed with the prospect of sending your recruit off to bootcamp? We offer "a Place to Connect & Share™" on our Recruit Parents website by putting friends and family members from each graduating platoon together on message boards and in Facebook groups for support and encouragement. The bootcamp section of the web site includes training information, what to expect from the USMC, graduation information and much more.
Recruit Parents Forums on Marine Family Network | Bootcamp & Graduation Information

Support During Deployment

Deployment presents many challenges for families of our Marines. We offer "a Place to Connect & Share™" putting friends and families from each unit together on the same message boards and Facebook groups. Use the deployment information section to find answers to every question you may have including phone cards, care packages, travel, communication, contact information and more.
Deployment Forum on Marine Family Network | Deployment Information

Warrior Support Team™

The Warrior Support Team™ is a first response effort improving the quality of recovery for Purple Heart service members and their families by offering immediate support, care, and guidance upon casualty notification through recovery and beyond medical retirement. The program offers a private, online forum and a learning center for Purple Heart families, and serves meals to Balboa and Bethesda Naval Medical Centers when cafeterias are closed over the weekend.

After the Corps™

The mission of After the Corps (ATC) is to provide support, information, and services to post-9/11 Marines and their family members during transition into IRR, reintegration upon discharge, and as veterans.

What's After Boot™

The mission of What's After Boot is to provide support, information, and services to Marine family members during their new Marine's School of Infantry (SOI) and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) schooling.

Gold Star Legacy™

We offer private services to Gold Star Families, those that have lost their son or daughter during active duty with the Marine Corps. Meeting and communicating with families who understand your pain and grief can help. We give you that opportunity, no matter where you are in the world, in a private Facebook group, message board, and annual gathering. Access to this area is limited to Gold Star families only.

Team Marine Parents™

Team Marine Parents™ is comprised of Marine family members and Marines who participate in either the Bootcamp Challenge at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego or the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC each October. The mission of the team is to raise community awareness to support our troops and to raise money for the projects and services offered through, Inc. We are always looking for more folks to join Team Marine Parents™!

Unit Information Database

Every Marine is assigned to a unit or battalion in the Marine Corps. Often, finding information about that particular unit can be challenging. Our database includes virtually every unit in the Marine Corps and includes base locations, current station, phone numbers, the unit FRO (Family Readiness Officer, a contact for family members), and links to the unit's message boards.
Unit Information Searchable Database

Marine Corps News Room

The Marine Corps News Room is a collection of news articles about our Marines, the United States Marine Corps, and our Marine Corps families. The news room is updated daily with articles from around the globe. You can simply visit the web site to read the articles, or it is also available as an RSS data feed which you can subscribe to through most internet communities like Google, MSN and Yahoo!

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Our general newsletter is sent twice each month. We have five additional newsletters that we send out periodically on a range of topics including bootcamp, deployment, Operation PAL, supporting the Marine Corps, the annual national conference. Topic-specific newsletters are sent every other month, with the exception of the conference newsletter which is sent monthly from January through April.
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In the News

Our good works have attraced quite a bit of attention in local and national cable and television news, radio shows, and printed media. This section of the web site highlights a few of those stories.
In the News


We have over 60 volunteers from around the United States that work countless hours each week to provide services and support to Marine families., Inc. is always recruiting more volunteers for help with moderating the message boards, unit coordinators, conference planning, funding and research. Visit the web site to learn how you can apply to become a volunteer.
Our Volunteers and Application to Volunteer

Donations & Sponsors

Costs for the web site, services and projects are funded by donations and corporate sponsors*. Your donation is appreciated. All donations are acknowledged with a receipt. To make a donation, make checks payable to, Inc. In the memo of your check, write either "Operations and Services" or "The Care Packet Project™". Mail your donation to P.O. Box 1115, Columbia, MO 65205.
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