Official Facebook Groups Volunteer Positions

Online Volunteer Positions Available

Updated August 30, 2019:

Official Facebook Groups Volunteer Positions

If you are interested in applying for a Facebook Groups Volunteer Position, we request that you apply online When you submit your application online, please include name(s) of volunteers who suggested you apply for a position in the "references" field. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you are unable to apply online, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator at

Training, Mentoring, and Ongoing Professional Development

All Facebook Volunteers (MP FB VOs) start out as a Volunteer in Training (VIT) and must complete 4-phases of training through reading and activities online in the training sections of the MP FB VOW website (MarineParents Facebook Volunteer Only Website). The trainer is the Assistant Coach (AC) of the MP Team Group in which the VIT will be working. Initial training for MP FB VOs is followed up with a period of mentoring in the MP Team group; the mentor is assigned by the coach. After mentoring has been completed, the decision for the VIT to moved into a Group Guide (GG) position will determined in a discussion with the VIT, Assistant Coach (AC), Coach, and Group Leader (GL). The period of training and mentoring will take from 6-8 weeks and can involve up to 40 hours of training time.

Volunteer Requirements

Each MP FB VO position has specific requirements. The following is required of all MP FB VOs:

  1. Volunteers agree to give two weeks notice when leaving a volunteer position whether for a lateral move, promotion, taking on additional responsibilities, or resigning completely from tenure as a volunteer.
  2. Volunteers must be the family member of a recruit or Marine. The timeline to apply as a volunteer varies by group and stage of the Corps, as follows:
    • For our Poolee Group, the volunteer's recruit must be beyond the 3rd week of training (which is training week 2) of boot camp.
    • For our Recruit Groups, the volunteer's recruit must have started the 3rd phase of boot camp.
    • For our Schooling Groups (WAB: SOI/ITB, MOS), the volunteer's Marine must be finished with that stage of their training.
    • For our Fleet Groups (PDS and Reserves), the volunteer's Marine must be in the fleet.
    • For our OCS Group, the volunteer's candidate must at least 2 weeks from commissioning or commissioned.
  3. Volunteer must have a working knowledge of:
    • How FB groups work and the policies applied in Official Facebook groups,
    • The content of websites and how to locate information,
    • The services, mission, and outreach programs of the organization.
  4. Volunteer must commit to:
    • completing our 6-8 week training and mentoring program
    • learning the 10 posting rules and the guidelines for applying them in the groups
    • willingness to gain an accurate understanding of the organization's strict application of OPSEC and PERSEC in Official MP FB groups.
  5. Volunteers must be willing to embrace the philosophy of Marine Parents as a support organization:
    • For family members of recruits and Marines we are a Place to Connect & Share(R) their pride (and fears) of having a recruit or Marine in service;
    • We provide support and accurate information from our websites to group members;
    • We encourage parents and guardians to step back and allow the adult recruit or Marine to perform their training and subsequent job duties without parental interference.
  6. Volunteers must commit to ongoing professional development including
    • the study of Marine Parents websites and outreach programs, and
    • the study of Marine Corps structure, history, and tradition
    • an understanding of new and existing corporate policies, procedures, protocol, and philosophies.
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