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Stacie Theis

Volunteering since 2018-04-24
Total Service Hours: 4439.74
Total Service Hours in 2023: 894.84

Stacie lives in San Diego, CA with her husband where they spend a lot of time camping and hiking. She is the mom of four adult children, two daughters, and two sons. Both of her sons decided to follow in their grandfather's footsteps and enlisted in the service. Her Marine graduated from MCRD San Diego in 2018 and two years later her younger son graduated from Air Force BMT. She could not be more proud of their decision to serve.

Stacie joined MarineParents when her Marine was in boot camp and found herself relying heavily on the information and support the groups provided. Feeling a debt of gratitude to the volunteers that guided her through those emotional early days and celebrated with her after the Crucible, Stacie decided to repay their kindness by volunteering to help other recruit and Marine families. She truly loves being a part of MarineParents.

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