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Teresa Meadows

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FLEET Manager
MPG Manager Marine Parents

Teresa Meadows

Volunteering since 2018-09-26
Total Service Hours: 9497.05
Total Service Hours in 2024: 813.19

Teresa lives in Iowa, with her two children. Teresa’s dad served in the Army; Special Forces, Green Beret and is a Vietnam Veteran. Teresa served in the Army and has a nephew who served in the Army and is an Iraqi War Veteran. She has many cousins who are serving in the Army and Air Force; a cousin, who served in the Marines during Desert Storm and is now guarding the gates of Heaven, and a nephew who is a disabled Marine and a Veteran of the Iraqi War. Teresa’s youngest child, a daughter graduated high school early in January 2018. A month before she turned 18 she joined the Delayed Entry Program.

Six weeks later her daughter asked Teresa if she would be upset if she left at the beginning of May 2018 for Basic Training, before her high school graduation ceremony. Teresa had been looking forward to seeing her daughter cross the stage at her high school graduation and she began to cry. Her daughter told her not to cry and explained to her that to get the MOS she wanted for her military career she would have to leave before graduation. She told Teresa that at the end of Basic Training she would see her graduate and become a Marine and that meant more to her as it was her future. Teresa could see the excitement and determination in her daughter’s eyes and realized after all these years of telling her children to go after their dreams and let nothing stand in their way; she was not going to stop her.

Her daughter left for Parris Island on May 21, 2018, she was in 4th Battalion Oscar Company, and she graduated on August 17, 2018, with Teresa and many family members in attendance. Her daughter just completed all of her schoolings and arrived at her PDS. While her daughter was home on her 10-day leave she told her older brother that this is what he needs to do as well. Teresa’s son is strongly considering joining his sister in the Marines.

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