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Dana Powell

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SD 1st RTBN Coach
MPG Coach Marine Parents

Dana Powell

Volunteering since 2019-04-01
Total Service Hours: 5546.75
Total Service Hours in 2024: 592.71

Dana is a single mom of three who lives in Missouri with her two other children ages 18 and 14, two dogs, and two cats. Her oldest son expressed an interest in the military, Marines to be exact, since the age of 14, and is now a Veteran Marine! Dana is currently employed at Children's Mercy Hospital full-time and works for a local law enforcement agency part-time. In her spare time, she enjoys going to her Aunt's farm, watching baseball and football, camping, fishing, shooting, spending time with family and friends, and watching her children grow in life.

Dana started volunteering with Marine Parents in April 2019; shortly after her son graduated from boot camp. As the 1st Battalion Coach San Diego, Group Leader for PDS West, Assistant Group Leader for Reserves, and Group Guide for Region 4 page, she hopes to help educate and comfort families as their son's transition from Recruits to Marines as well as offer support for her region and those families who have active duty Marines.

Dana enjoys helping others and was inspired by the support, information, and services she received from the volunteers of Marine Parents who guided and educated her through the stage of Recruit to Marine during boot camp. She is hoping to help others the same way she was helped by providing guidance and comfort to other families as their loved ones go through the transition from Recruit to Marine, families with their Marines at their PDS, and families from her region.

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