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Carolyn Williams

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PI 1st RTBN Group Leader PI Alpha
PI 1st RTBN Coach

Carolyn Williams

Volunteering since 2019-05-10
Total Service Hours: 1868.33
Total Service Hours in 2024: 176.46

Carolyn has been married to her husband, Bill, since 1995 and has two children. Her daughter graduated college in May of 2019 and her son graduated from MCRDPI in March of 2019. Her son knew at a young age that he wanted to be in the military. He decided on the Marines his senior year of high school. Carolyn thinks it was in his genes as her father was a career Marine and retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant. Carolyn is an avid sports fan and loves going to college football games with her husband every fall to watch the NC State Wolfpack play!

When Carolyn's son decided to join the Marines she had lots of questions and a MoM on her son's soccer team already had a son in the Marines. She told Carolyn about the Poolee Facebook group which answered a lot of her questions. Carolyn then moved onto the Facebook group for Parris Island and was so impressed with the knowledge of the volunteers and how they could put her mind at ease. She liked that she was part of a group where everyone was going through the same thing and could relate to all of the different emotions she was having. Once her son graduated boot camp she stayed on with the group and wanted to help others and she was helped. Carolyn was asked if she wanted to volunteer and she knew right away that she wanted to pay it forward!

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