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Yvette Garcia

Volunteering since 2020-05-09
Total Service Hours:
Total Service Hours in 2021: 173.39

Yvette has lived in California all her life and currently resides in Whittier (Southern Ca) with her amazing husband Juan and four fur babies. Between the empty nesters, they have five children in total, two daughters and three sons, the youngest son being their amazing Marine. Yvette is also blessed with five awesome grandsons (yup all grandsons) and truly enjoys spending time with her family; almost every weekend at one point or another you will find a full house that is loud with laughter and love. Shortly after her son began boot camp the Covid 19 virus hit the United States. Unfortunately, her son was one of many that felt the shut down of this pandemic by not getting the opportunity to enjoy Family Day, Graduation, or the typical leaves that are afforded after major milestones. Thankfully Yvette’s Marine is currently stationed in 29 Palms for his MOS which is only about a two hour drive so a few short visits have already taken place, always being respectful of the 30 mile radius from base, always getting him back before the nightly counts, and always being grateful for a little time versus none at all.

When Yvette’s son was about to leave for boot camp his Recruiter provided a folder that introduced and suggested the family follow the Poolee and Boot Groups to stay informed. Being that military life was new to Yvette she quickly requested to join these groups and researched everything she could to become an educated supportive parent. But after some time she quickly realized the one source she kept returning to was the site and their Facebook groups. Why? Because not only was she able to learn the true facts of the Marines she was also able to listen and communicate with people that had been in her shoes and felt the same highest highs and lowest lows of being a mom of a Recruit and then a Marine. Her mind and heart were put at ease many nights by reading posts and comments and it was then when Boot Camp came to an end for her son that Yvette decided she wanted to be a part of this amazing group that had become such a valuable source of security and pride for her. In addition, Yvette was feeling a little lonely as an empty nester and wanted to contribute to something of a greater purpose besides working full time. Not taking away from the fact that she was happily married but she also wanted to contribute her time to something that she could be proud to say she can do by herself. Marine Parents helped fill that small piece of her heart that was left a little empty when her son stepped on those yellow footprints and forever changed her appreciation of life.

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