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Erendira Saenz

Volunteering since 2021-06-02
Total Service Hours: 1721.89
Total Service Hours in 2024: 334.42

Erendira is a resident of the small town of Edinburg in South Texas. she lives there with her husband Gilbert, their two teenage daughters, four cats, and two dogs. She enjoys spending time with her family visiting new places, trying different cuisines, and antiquing. Her only son, her marine graduated from MCRD San Diego in May 2021 and is currently doing his MOS in communications.

Erendira decided to volunteer at Marine Parents because she was so grateful for the amazing team of volunteers that guided her throughout her marine's boot camp journey. The volunteers' vast knowledge of the process is what made the difference during those very challenging times. Her goal as a volunteer is to pay it forward by helping others and be of service to anyone she can.

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