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Catalina Cerda Rodriguez

Volunteering since 2021-10-22
Total Service Hours: 1363.47
Total Service Hours in 2024: 150.81

Catalina is a farmer's wife and mother of 3. She lives in the state of Texas. Her older son is a Marine. He had never shown interest in the military and one October night he came home and told his parents, "Tomorrow I have an interview with a recruiter to join the Marines"... they were shocked, to say the least! Catalina and her family were not familiar with military life. As her son left for boot camp she looked for information and found MarineParents. It was a lifesaver!

Catalina was very thankful for the volunteers in the support group that she became interested in volunteering and wanted to pay it forward, but it wasn't until her Marine deployed that she took the step and started the training to became a volunteer.

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