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Katharine Mizla

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PI 2nd RTBN Group Guide PI Golf

Katharine Mizla

Volunteering since 2023-10-20
Total Service Hours: 150.15
Total Service Hours in 2024: 117.15

Katharine is a Navy brat who grew up all over the country, attending various schools and experiencing everything our country has to offer. Katharine married her husband Robert in 2007 and began their journey of moving around the country, living in Maryland, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and now Wisconsin. Since both Katharine and Robert are retired now, all the moving has stopped, and they have lived in Wisconsin since 2016. Both Robert and Katharine are Air Force veterans who are very familiar with military life. Katharine and Robert could not have children but have unofficially adopted their nephew, a Marine. Katharine and Robert live with 5 cats and 1 dog!

Katharine chose to volunteer at because she found the website full of information as her Marine Poolee nephew left for boot camp. Katharine remembers that when she left for basic training (in 1982), she disappeared off the face of the Earth from June to September. Katharine’s parents had no idea what her training was like, how she was doing, or even when they would hear from her again. Now being in the “parents” shoes watching her Marine Poolee leave for boot camp; Katharine found all the information available on plus the Facebook pages very helpful, informative, and comforting. Katharine felt with her own basic training experience 40 years ago and her new experience with her nephew, she could help parents going through the process realize that everything will be OK. Your Marine is going to make it, and the Marines will take care of them while they are away from home.

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