Marine Corps Deployments and OPSEC

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The emotional roller coaster of your Marine's deployment may be more than tough—it may seem almost impossible to tolerate. You'll likely experience some combination of pride, fear, pride, anxiety, pride, worry, and more pride. Particularly during a combat deployment, the uncertainty of what is to come brings emotions and feelings that none of us thought would be part of our lives. But you are not alone. Thousands of other parents have the same emotions, and Marine Parents is "a Place to Connect & Share®" with those who are in your shoes and understand your emotions.


The goal of the Marine Parents Deployment Center is to provide you with the information and tools needed to better understand what will happen before, during, and after your Marine's deployment. In preparation for deployment, we strongly recommend that you read through the entire Deployment section of our web site. There is a lot to learn, but by reading and learning, you'll be empowered with knowledge and, thereby, be better prepared to support your Marine during the deployment, and just as important, be better prepared to take care of yourself.

Being the parent of a Marine gave me such pride, and with that pride came a whole lot of fear. I was no longer his protector; he was my protector. He was no longer my little boy; he was my hero. Tracy Della Vecchia Founder,
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