Types of Deployment


  • Combat Zones

  • A combat zone is an area of operations where military forces conduct armed fighting with enemy forces.

  • MEU or Floats

  • A float deployment is on a Navy ship with Marines and Sailors. The float may have a final destination and drop-off point, or the Marines and Sailors may stay aboard the ship for the duration of the deployment.

  • Relief Efforts

  • Deployment for relief efforts includes aiding other countries in natural disasters such as tsunamis. In some instances, Marines already deployed on a float may be re-directed to relief efforts.

  • Other Countries

  • Marines may be deployed to many other countries, including Japan, Australia, and Africa. Marines may also be deployed to other non-hostile countries around the world to maintain operations. As an example, Marines are deployed to various countries around the world to provide security for a number of US Embassies. Deployments to Australia and Japan may include floats to neighboring countries such as the Philippines and South Korea.

  • Unit Deployment Program (UDP)

  • UDP is a program designed to increase the training level and unit continuity of Marine Corps units stationed in the continental United States. In most cases, your Marine will go on a float to do different training exercises in different environments.

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