Volunteer Recognition - October 2021

MarineParents would like to thank the following volunteers for their time and dedication! In the month of October, our volunteers clocked 3144 volunteer hours! OOH-RAH! Volunteer Recognition - October 2021

Our volunteers continue to be the backbone of this organization! They do wonderful work and are putting in many hours to help families of poolees, recruits, Marines, and Veterans. In the month of October, our volunteers clocked 3144 volunteer hours! Their generosity and contribution to our Marine Parents support groups are beyond amazing. Marine Parents could not do what we do without the tireless hours of our volunteers!

God Bless and Semper Family!

Volunteer Spotlight - Erendira Saenz

Today, we shine the spotlight on Erendira Saenz!

Erendira has been a volunteer with MarineParents since June 2021. She holds the following positions with MarineParents.

Group Guide Recruit Parents Spanish Group
Group Guide MarineParents Spanish Group

We asked Erendira to share her personal experience as a volunteer:

Why did you decide to volunteer with Marine Parents?

"I was just so thankful for all the wonderful Lima Volunteers that held me together with all the information when our Marine was in boot camp. I was inspired and I just wanted to pay it forward."

What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with MarineParents?

"Being able to help is so rewarding!"

What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering?

"Just do it! Many times when they made the post calling for volunteers I wanted to say I want to but I was hesitant until I decided to go for it. Be brave! You won't regret it! Marine Parents truly is the place to connect and share."

With 140 volunteer hours since June 2021, we thank Erendira for her time and dedication to the members of our MarineParents groups! OOH-RAH!! MarineParents could not do what we do without our amazing volunteers!

Click here to read Erendira's bio page.

MarineParents would like to thank the following volunteers for their time and dedication!

Joan Mobley

Joan Mobley

Joan has been a volunteer since November 2015. She is the coach for 3rd Battalion San Diego. In October, Joan volunteered 85.42 hours!

Click here to read Joan's bio page.

Joni Muchler

Joni Muchler

Joni has been a volunteer since August 2021. She is a Group Guide for 1st Battalion Charlie Company San Diego. In October, Joni volunteered 62.92 hours!

Click here to read Joni's bio page.

Kellie Page

Kellie Page

Kellie has been a volunteer since March 2019. She is the Assistant Coach for Parris Island Recruit Training Groups, Regions, and our Stages groups. In October, Kellie volunteered 33.55 hours!

Click here to read Kellie's bio page.

Jennifer Ackerbauer

Jennifer Ackerbauer

Jennifer has been a volunteer since October 2018. She is Group Leader for our Region 5 North East and a Group Guide for MoMs. In October, Jennifer volunteered 30.6 hours!

Click here to read Jennifer's bio page.

Volunteers Who Completed Training

CONGRATULATIONS to the following volunteers who recently completed many hours of training to become one of our newest volunteers for the official Facebook Groups in support of our Marine Corps family members and a Place to Connect and Share®!

This is an outstanding accomplishment! Welcome to the MarineParents Volunteer family!

Christen Weller

Christen Weller

Christen joined MarineParents after her Marine completed Recruit Training. She wanted to be part of MarineParents because of all the support she received while her son was in recruit training and also spent time in BMP & STC. She leaned on the daily posts in the groups as her son journeyed through his boot camp experience. Christen wanted to volunteer so she can support other recruit families. She loves being a Marine MoM and part of MarineParents.

Click here to read Christen's bio page.

Marjorie Terzian

Marjorie Terzian

Originally from Upstate NY Marjorie relocated to the San Diego, CA home of the MCRD area in 2000 with 2 small girls. Shortly thereafter she gave birth to her son. Her son grew up and joined the Marine Corps in Oct of 2020 and graduated from Lima Company in January 2021. He received his PDS orders and will be relocating to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. She has a "shrine" affectionately named by her daughters to honor the Marines and her son.

Click here to read Marjorie's bio page.

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