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Travel Links
Travel Plans: Online Links
Click a logo to open
the company web site.

Book Flights & Purchase Tickets on - Click here to travel right!

If you're plan to drive, AAA, the American Automobile Association, has some wonderful maps to help with your planning.
Catch the Next Wave
in Train Travel!

Includes schedules,
rates, and travel help.

Palm Springs: 760.778.6300
Toll Free: 800.230.4898

Palm Springs: 760.778.1960
Toll Free: 800.527.0700

Palm Springs: 760.325.7333
Toll Free: 800.800.4000

Welcome to Eaglerider
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals
Palm Springs:  760.251.5990
Toll Free: 888.900.9901

Palm Springs: 760.778.0054
Toll Free: 800.325.8007

Palm Springs: 760.778.5100
Toll Free: 800.654.3131

Located at Signature Flight Support
Palm Springs:  760.318.9468
Toll Free:  877.589.8799

Palm Springs: 760.327.1438
Toll Free: 800.227.7368


The companies and web sites listed on this page are NOT endorsed by and are not paid advertisers. The following is for informational purposes only. makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind with regard to any accomodation or information listed on this web site.

At the right you'll see links to web sites for the purchase airline tickets, AAA, Amtrak, and car rental companies. Click a logo for more information.

Note: We'll be adding more telephone numbers to the car rental logos as we research them at the various airports.

Tips for Buying Airline Tickets
From Eve Magoon, Marine Mom to Cory, from Ellington, CT
Making travel arrangements for our marine homecomings do not have to become a major headache! Arrangements can be made smoothly and efficiently if you rely on your travel agent to help you. A few tips to remember.

All airlines sell non refundable airfares. These are typically the least expensive fares and the most restrictive. They require that you purchase them a minimum of 14 or 7 days prior to the date of travel and include a Saturday night stay over. These tickets however are difficult and expensive to change. For instance, if you purchase a ticket to go to San Diego 14 days in advance and you find that you must change the dates at the last minute, you will be required to cancel the entire itinerary, rebook with new dates and flights and pay the new fare. The amount of the old ticket can be used towards the cost of the new ticket less a 100.00 (typical for most airlines) fee. The new ticket however will probably be quite costly since you will not be meeting the advance purchase requirement.

All airlines offer refundable fares but these are typically very high. Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and possibly a few others offer low refundable fares in some markets. Low meaning 1/2 of what some carriers will charge but much higher than you could get if you purchase in advance.

Another thought might be to look into purchasing your travel as a package. If you will be traveling to San Diego to see your marine and will be in need of a hotel, car or both, call your travel agent and ask for a package deal. This will give you a great airfare as well as a great hotel price. In addition to the nice pricing you can also take advantage of a trip cancellation waiver which can be purchased in conjunction with the package and will allow you to cancel your package for any reason and get all your money back less the cost of the waiver. Make sure when you book this that you are booking the bulk airfare with the package otherwise the insurance does not cover the air. You can change your dates free of charge with this insurance as well, as long as you maintain the 4 day advance booking requirement. This just might be the best way to go!

An example of this would be if you are flying from Chicago to San Diego and wish to purchase a refundable/changeable fare the lowest fare is 615.00 per person with South West Airlines. If you purchase a package with air, 4 nights at a hotel, and the waiver the total rate is 509.00 per person! And the best part is this is refundable with the waiver!

Most travel agents will be more than happy to help you with all your travel plans but be aware that most charge fees. Fee's typically run from 25.00 to 40.00 per invoice. These fee's can easily be justified in that you make just one phone call and they do the work! No annoying web sites to deal long holds on the phone........and no annoying reservations agents telling you what you cannot do! Agents probably will not charge fee's if you are booking a package.

As a marine mom myself I know how anxious thoughts of their homecoming can be. If you need assistance I am more than happy to help. I am the supervisor of the leisure travel division with Professional Travel Corporation in Windsor CT. You can reach me at 800-825-4782 x3025 or via email at I have a staff of very experienced agents ready to help with any travel needs.

Now is the time for us to relax and enjoy the warm thoughts of their homecoming!

Have a great day!

Eve Magoon, Marine Mom
Leisure/Group Travel Specialist
Professional Travel Corp - An Adelman Company
555 Day Hill Rd
Windsor, CT 06095
800-825-4782 x3025


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