Posting Rule #3: Marine Corps Privacy and Business

Respect USMC personnel privacy, safety and chain of command. Posts about USMC business or contact information for USMC personnel are not permitted. Let the Marine Corps run the Marine Corps; when the USMC shares it, we can share it.

Application and Examples

  1. Posts containing information or references to information which your Marine or recruit may have shared with you about Marine Corps business, a recruit training situation, unit or platoon morale, successes or failures of a unit in training and/or on missions, or specific scores or statistics of a unit may not be shared.
  2. During recruit training, the successes of a platoon may be shared once the information has been made public by USMC personnel.
  3. Posts specifically bringing negative attention to the Marine Corps or your recruit/Marines experience are not permitted.
  4. Posting personal information, names, ranks or contact information for Marine Corps personnel or Deployment Readiness Coordinators (DRC) is not permitted.
  5. When allowed by the Marine Corps, contact information for USMC personnel will be published on the primary web site, and the Unit Information Pages(UIPs).
  6. Complaints about the chain of command or the command of a Marine or recruit will not be allowed when the complaint is being posted by someone other than the person directly affected by the complaint.
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