Posting Rule #8: Copyright, Photos, & Videos

Posts in violation of copyright are not permitted. Photos and videos in violation of our posting rules are not permitted. Personal photos of a Marine in uniform with a weapon, or recruits in training exercises or drill (except at graduation), are not permitted.

Application and Examples: Photos & Videos

  1. YES, IF: Official Marine Corps photos and videos or content which comes from an entity contracted by the DOD or USMC are permitted as long as they have been released for public use and credit is given to the photographer or videographer.
  2. YES, IF: Your photos and videos are permitted IF they are OPSEC compliant and comply with our Ten Rules for Posting.
  3. YES, IF: Your photos and videos of Marines taken during boot camp, SOI, or MOS graduation ceremonies, other Marine Corps-sanctioned family events, or public ceremonies ARE permitted IF the event is open to family members and/or the public.
  4. NOT PERMITTED: Your photos and videos of Marines in uniform with a weapon are NOT permitted. The exception being when your Marine is in uniform with a weapon for ceremonial purposes, i.e., weddings, Marine Corps Ball, silent drill platoon, etc.
  5. NOT PERMITTED: Your photos and videos of recruits or Marines during any training or during the act of deploying are NOT permitted.
  6. CAUTION: For your photos and videos of Marines which are permitted, WE strongly encourage you to blur or remove any visible name tapes; if you're unsure if this is necessary, ask your Marine for his/her preference. If you tag your Marine in the photo and it adds his/her first and last name, or if a photo from social media shows his/her user name, ask your Marine first. We discourage publishing your Marine's last name in any social media.
  7. We reserve the right to remove any photo or video for any reason without further explanation.

Application and Examples: Copyright

  1. By agreeing to have an account on Facebook, you are under a contract with Facebook which states you will not upload or post ANY content which does not belong to you. Facebook makes this YOUR responsibililty.
  2. We DO ENFORCE copyright law in our groups. Please do not post or upload content, text, photos or videos which does not belong to YOU.
  3. Posts containing content, photos, video or text which we deem a copyright violation will be removed.
  4. If you did not take the photo, create the content, or make the video, then it does not belong to you and is copyright to it's original author. Please do not post it in our groups.
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