Posting Rule #7: Military Incidences & Casualties

Posts or comments about military incidences/casualties are not permitted until the military, USMC or Department of Defense has released an official notice. It is NOT important for group members to be "First to Know". The FAMILY MEMBERS must be the first to know.

Application and Examples

  1. We will not allow the risk of posting information in our groups prior to official notification to family members.
  2. Casualty includes WIA, KIA, MIA, and/or DustWUN status regardless if the recruit/Marine/other service member is in training, stateside, abroad, on a float, or while engaged.
  3. Posts containing information related to incidences or casualties incurred by military personnel or recruits that have not yet been released to the general public are not permitted.
  4. All posts regarding KIA casualties (Killed in Action), unless posted by an immediate family member, MUST be accompanied by the DoD (Department of Defense) notification.
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