Posting Rule #9: No Politics or Calls to Action

Posts or comments about politics jeopardize the support atmosphere and are not permitted. Posts and comments with a call to action deemed in violation of our posting rules are not permitted. Those agendas simply do not belong in our groups.

Application and Examples "Call to Action"

  1. We reserve the right to remove any "Call to Action" for any reason.
  2. A call to action must be in support of our troops, in support of our Mission Statement, and be approved by the corporate office prior to be posted in our groups.
  3. Approved "Calls to Action" may be shared as a page from our website, only.
  4. Posts that include a "Call to Action" will be allowed as long as the call to action is in support of our troops and/or the mission statement of, Inc. and is not political in nature, illegal, targeting the Marine Corps, or in direct competition with any of our outreach programs.
  5. Soliciting donations or fundraising are NOT considered a "Call to Action" and will not be permitted in our groups. See rule #4.

Application and Examples "Politics"

  1. is first and foremost a support community; political differences have potential to denigrate the support environment.
  2. Endorsement of candidates or mention of political positions or any other political statements, expressed or implied, are not allowed.
  3. Discussions of the political nature of current conflicts are not allowed.
  4. Expressions of patriotism and supporting the troops are NOT considered political statements and may be posted by members.
  5. Posting news articles with election results is NOT considered political and may be posted from a credible news source if it is "On Topic" for that group.
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