Posting Rule #6: Links, Websites, News, & Articles

Links, websites, news, or articles deemed inappropriate, off-topic, or in violation of our posting rules are not permitted. News MUST be from established sources. Links to websites deemed in competition with the organization or the are not permitted.

Application and Examples: Links & Websites

  1. Links to websites that compete with our products, services or outreach programs are not permitted.
  2. Pages on our websites may be shared and posted in our groups.
  3. Websites and links to .gov or .mil websites are permitted as long as they are on topic.
  4. Links and information on our websites have been vetted by the corporate office to assure accurate and appropriate content.
  5. We encourage you to share links of interest for possible inclusion on our informational websites. To submit a link, website, or resource for review, use our Link or Resource Request Form on
  6. To submit an event for review, use the Event Request Form on

Application and Examples: News & Articles

  1. Links to legitimate news sources are permitted as long as the news is on topic.
  2. To comply with copyright regulations, sources must be cited with any news article excerpt or photo.
  3. Posts without sources will be deleted.
  4. Entire news articles should never be posted as it is a copyright violation.
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