Posting Rule #5: Other Social Media & PMs

Posts or comments which include social media groups other than Official Facebook Groups are not permitted. We discourage PMs; requests to PM group members are not permitted. Moderators and Admins for like-groups will be removed from our groups.

Application and Examples

  1. Posting or mentioning information about, links to, or names of other Facebook groups or social media networks outside of Official Facebook Groups is not permitted.
  2. Use of our groups or social media networks to solicit members to join another group, network, or program will result in suspension of membership in our groups.
  3. Admins and/or moderators for other "like-groups" will be removed from our groups.
  4. We discourage all Private Messaging (PM) in military communities as it poses a security risk; no one can assure the enemy is not part of the group.
  5. Requests to have members send a PM are not permitted and will be removed from our groups.
  6. Repeat offenses asking for members to PM one another will result in the member(s) being removed from our groups.
  7. To learn more, about PMs and social media, please read this article from our Founder.
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