Guideline #6: Links and References to Web Sites

Please suggest rather than post  don't post competitors

We are a nonprofit organization and do not allow links to websites that compete with our products, services or outreach programs. Please respect that we must pay the bills for the outreach programs; our income is solely from donations and sales from the EGA Store. As a nonprofit, we are proud that 99.8% of our income from both donations and sales, is used for program expenses.

Link addresses and web site content have high potential to change without notice. We simply do not have the manpower to make corrections and updates in thousands of posts in the community. Because of this, external links and google instructions for finding websites are not allowed.

The primary website, and our Outreach Services websites, include links to information, resources, sponsors and advertisers. Links on the web site are updated by our web developers. References to the links on are allowed on the network as well as any link to .gov or .mil websites.

We encourage you to share links of interest for possible inclusion on our informational websites. To submit a link for review, use the Link or Resource Request Form on

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